Best of last year

Here is my take on the good reading stuff from last year. Obviously there is a bit of a covid theme to a lot of the blogs I read, but also some great tech updates.

  1. Learn how Oracle used APEX to quickly launch its COVID-19 therapeutic app

Read about how Oracle Used the Oracle Apex Low Code Platform to Quickly Launch the Covid-19 Therapeutic App.

“The initial deadline to build the TLS—from scratch, as no code had been written—was four calendar days. It was all conceptual at the time. We had no choice but to use Oracle Application Express (APEX), the low-code platform our company already had used to develop thousands of applications, many of them at enterprise-scale.”

2. Oracle’s Larry Ellison on a post COVID-19 world “We’re never going back.”

We’re never going back, I don’t mean we’re never going back to the office, but we’re never going back to the way we used to work – at least not in our industry. Not everyone can work from home. If you’re working in a Tesla factory, you can’t work work from home. So it’s not universal. But an awful lot of our jobs are in the service part of the economy, as opposed to the manufacturing part of the economy. There you can work at home.”

3. Launching Oracle’s COVID-19 Therapeutic app: The back story

Oracle’s APEX application development framework was an unsung hero in enabling a drug treatment reporting app to make it from design to full national rollout in the US in barely two weeks. Read more about how it happened.

4. What’s New for Oracle Analytics Cloud

Read an overview of new features and enhancements added recently to improve your Oracle Analytics Cloud experience. It’s organized by the release a specific feature or when a capability became available.

5. 5 Minutes Demo: Using Liquibase in SQLcl to version Oracle Database

Another great Demo from Jeff Smith

6. 10 Oracle SQL functions and function parameters you might not know

A handy little blog, with functions you might just not know about.

7. Upgrade to OAS – Why and How?

Have a look through this great presentation.

8. Managing Database Users with SQL Developer Web

Another great blog and demo video:

9. Take care with Read-Only partitions in 18c

“The ability for part of a table to be read-only and other parts of the same table to allow full DML is a cool feature in the Oracle Partitioning option.  Perhaps the most common example you will typically see for this is range-based partitioning on a date/timestamp column.  As data “ages”, setting older partitions to read-only can yield benefits such as:

* moving the older partitions to cheaper, or write-once storage

* guaranteeing that older data cannot be tampered with

* shrinking backup times because read-only data only needs to be backed up once (or twice to be sure)

But if you try this in 18c, you might get a surprise…”

10. Getting the Most from your Oracle Support

If you navigate the process correctly, you can get results…

* What to Do First

* Your Second Step

* That’s a Wrap