Get Oracle Software

The Linux Problem

I have nothing against Linux, but…

When you want software from Oracle and you have a windows machine, you just browse to the oracle website, hit the download, boom you have your software.

But from Linux?

I have tried different methods over the years, including download to windows, FTP to the linux box, and even spin up a desktop in Linux (to get a browser), but I never really found a reliable direct download method.

The OTN Solution

Here’s how I do it now.

=> Navigate on a windows machine to the oracle website and search for the download of the software you want.

=> Click on the download link, and it will ask you to agree to the licence

=> Right click the download button and copy the URL

Actually, I paused the download and copied the URL from there – the copy method shown above didnt work.

=> Using text editor construct a wget command

wget --ask-password --no-cookies --header "Cookie: oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" ""

=> Copy this command into the linux machine

It was super fast for me. 36 seconds, and large enough too. Now a quick checksum to ensure its safe.

Adrian Out.