End of Summer…

Today is the last working day of August (It’s a UK Bank Holiday Monday on 31st August…) next week we will be into the beginnings of September and Autumn.

Slow down over the Bank Holiday and read some of the latest blogs and articles or watch some videos….

Blogs of the Week

1. SQLcl and OCI Cloud Shell – Get Up and Running Quickly with your Autonomous Oracle Database

Jeff Smith posts SQLcl in Cloud Shell, The Movie!


2. Convert the database from MyISAM to innoDB

Satishbabu Gunukula shared some steps we can take when we receive the below error message:

Error: Pre-conversion step failed: unable to restart database: exit status 5

3. Power BI write-back functionality with Power Platform services

Mireia G writes, “In this blog article, we will show you how we can use all the potential of Power Platform to boost data visualization and reporting to a whole new level. For confidentiality reasons, we are not going to share the original use case, but instead we are going to walk you through an example using publicly available COVID-19 data.”

4. APEX 19.2 quick tip: error messages for PL/SQL Dynamic Content regions

Sven Weller begins his blog with, “Sometimes I use a region of type PL/SQL Dynamic Content. It is rare and there are often better alternatives – like using a select over a pipelined table function – but it still happens.

If the plsql code errors out, then the error is not shown on the same page, but instead is presented as a page rendering error.”

Then he gives a simplified example:

5. How to check the Oracle Patch history

Stefan says, “Patching is a task which is really often done and if you sit in front of a Oracle System which you know while doing regularly maintenance the Patch status is more or less known to you

But what if your college ask: “Please check an Oracle System from a new customer and let me know if they had patched the System in the last six month.”

Read the whole blog for the solution. He also links to this blog.

6. Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing: Poor Data Clustering With Autonomous Databases Part III (Star)

Richard Foote writes,

“In Part I we looked at a scenario where an index was deemed to be too inefficient for Automatic Indexing to create a VALID index, because of the poor clustering of data within the table.

In Part II we improved the data clustering but the previous SQLs could still not generate a new Automatic Index because they had effectively been blacklisted.

So how do we get Automatic Indexing to improve the performance of these queries?”

7. Trigger Bug

Read Quanwen Zhao’s blog, complete with solutions and codes. And bug numbers.

8. PL/SQL Generator for CFBF files

Odie’s blog begins with, “As a preliminary step towards adding password encryption to ExcelGen (see previous post), I have enhanced my existing CFBF reader with file generation capabilities.
And since it is not a reader anymore, I have also renamed it to “CDFManager” in my GitHub repository.”

9. JDBC & the Oracle Database: if you want Transparent Application Failover you need the OCI driver

This blog in summary:

“Contrary to what one might think using TAF with the JDBC thin driver doesn’t protect a session from instance failure. The only way to protect a (fat client) session is to make use of the Oracle Call Interface.

Then again, TAF is a very mature solution and there might be better ways of working with RAC. Connection pools based on Oracle’s own Universal Connection Pool look like the way forward. Newer technologies, such as (Transparent) Application Continuity are better suited to meet today’s requirements.”

10. Flashback Bug

Jonathan Lewis starts by writing, “Here’s a problem with the “flashback versions” technology that showed up at the end of last week. There’s a thread about it on the Oracle Developer community forum, and a chain of tweets that was my initial response to a twitter alert about it that Daniel Stein posted.”

This week on Twitter

Shayne Libby tweeted Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, Connecting People with Data

Christian Berg shared “Upgrading from OBIEE to OAS

Kevin Cantoli posted about the Webinar “Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse


Stories from juliandontcheff.wordpress.com, jonathanlewis.wordpress.com and connor-mcdonald.com