Video Week

I just ate my watch, but it was very time consuming

Things are quiet in OBIEEland, so to keep you entertained I have found some nice things to watch.
Most of this weeks updates are around the OBI world, not directly related to OBIEE, but stuff you need to know in order to keep you OBI system running well.

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Blogs of the week

  1. Oracle Analytics Cloud 18.1.3 Patch is Available

Boris Dahav links to the ‘What’s new’ document

His blog lists changes such as:

  • Manage your deliveries in one place
  •  Update the password for cloud storage
  • Install Cube Designer from the Scenarios page

2. Creating a Property Graph on Oracle Database

Arthur Dayton says, “Oracle Database 12c now includes property graphs, a great feature to analyze relationships in your data, such as finding the most influential people in a social network or discovering patterns of fraud in financial transactions.”

Using the Database Virtual Box Appliance, he runs through a detailed example

3. Relation Theory videos by CJ Date

Brendan Tierney shares a series of videos, including this one:

4. The Science behind Oracle Data Visualization: Trend

Sarah Craynon Zumbrum begins this series of blog posts by writing:

“This is the start of a new series that I’m excited about diving into. Back in college one of my degrees included a concentration in Quantitative Analysis. I started getting excited about 2-3 years ago when statistics, namely advanced analytics, started becoming a staple in many IT and functional organizations. Data visualization is part of this staple and it’s not just…data art. It’s very much a science that plays well to the artists inside us.”

5. The Science behind Oracle Data Visualization: Clusters

Read the second post in this blog series.

6. Oracle JET Composite Components – Manual for JET Coder

Andrejus Baranovskis links to the demo page. He talks about properties, slots, methods and events.

7. Is Oracle’s Autonomous Database the Beginning of a Major New Industry Trend?

Paul Way shares this video:

and asks us to click here to read Oracle’s latest predictions for how industry trends and technological development will transform cloud computing in the next two years.

8. How the #DataWarehouse Has Evolved to Enable Better

9. Oracle CX Cloud Can Help You Prepare for GDPR

Nathan Joynt goes through the aims of GDPR

  • Why does it matter?
  • Who is affected?
  • What changes in terms of ‘consent’?
  • What are the Data Subject Rights?
  • How can Oracle Help?
  • Why use Oracle?

10. Start/Stop Extract/Relicat with REST API/JSON

Bobby Curtis writes, “In this post, you will take a look at how to start a pre-existing extract/replicat by using the RESTful API end points. To find more information on the APIs that are available, please refer to the Oracle docs located here.”

11. 2018, the year of the Cloud underdog Oracle?

Julian Dontcheff says, “Let us see, based on data, why the Cloud underdog Oracle can be the winner of 2018 and beyond. Especially, for databases in the Cloud!”

12. Oracle JET: Caching data

Sanjeev Chauhan gives the problem “Oracle JET is a client side technology and mostly it uses REST services to fetch data from server. Some of data is used on multiple pages and it does not change very frequently so its a good approach to query such data once and then cache it. Next time when you need it refer from cache.” He goes through the solution in this blog.

13. OBIEE cool effect – Mouse hover on table and row highlight

Debashis Paul writes, “My requirement was to add some cool effect on table row hover when you move your mouse across regular table or pivot table view in OBIEE. The advantage of this feature is, it’s cool and not distracting and it will help you to focus one row of important analysis which you can easily distinguish from the other rows.”

Read the full post to find out how to do it!

This week on Twitter

Opal A tweeted #Kscope18 FAQs

Tim Hall shared Hey DBA, fix it, but don’t touch it!

Gokhan Atil posted Silent Installation of the RDBMS

Stories from,and

Videos such as:

Why I choose PL/SQL

OBIEE Baseline Validation Tool | Michelle Kolbe