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1. Oracle BI 11g – Adding a dynamic logo and title to your dashboard page

Leigh Wilson says that is a long overdue upgrade from his 10g Dynamic Banner Post.  He says, “This post will help you take control of the look & feel. It also forms the basis for other advanced dashboarding posts in my blog. From this foundation we can explore other usability topics and really boost the user acceptance of your projects.”

2. Handy links and tools for Oracle BI Dashboarding

Leigh Wilson posts 3 Handy links and tools for Oracle BI Dashboarding.

3. OBIEE – Formatting Calculated Items in a Pivot Table

Daniel Willis says, “I have been spending a lot of time with OBIEE and Essbase lately and so my first blog in much too long is about my latest hurdle. It seems that OBIEE is full of hurdles and sneaky workarounds (and also some amazing customisation/extension opportunities using third party visualisations). Using Essbase and OBIEE together probably exponentially increases the amount of hurdles but I am still enjoying the product.”

4. Drowning in Data Lakes and Data Reservoirs

Rick van der Lans says, “First, we had the data warehouse and the data mart, now we also have the data lake, the data reservoir, and the data hub!”

5. UKOUG Tech14 Call for Papers … Better Hurry!!!

David Peake informs us that the Tech14 Call for Papers has just been extended until Tuesday, 27th May @ 10:00 am! You have the long bank holiday weekend to crank out a title and abstract and enter it!

6. OBIA 7964/ – E-Business UDA Vs DFF and OBIA Customization Best Practices – Part III (DFF)

Pravin Khadakkar says, “This series of blogs is an attempt to cover definitions of UDA/DFF, similarities, differences and OBIA best practices to deal with UDA and DFF customization.   This blog covers best practices around inclusion of DFF in reporting structures.”

7. How to Query the Shares Rising for Consecutive 5 Days with R and esProc

The objective is: through the daily transaction data, compute the shares rising for 5 consecutive days from 29 blue chips.

8. OBIEE with Microsoft Analysis Services (and Tabular) – Real Life Guide

Boris Dahav says, “If you search the net, you might find lots of posts about setting OBIEE to work with Microsoft Analysis Services as data source (here, here, here… The first one, by Suman Busireddy from KPI Partners is the most recent and very nice) . Unfortunately most of them seem to be based on small cases or personal trials of the writer. When you actually work with it, there are few additional things to be aware of. This is the main focus of this post.”

He says that next time, he will talk about specific use cases of Evaluate, to improve performance.

9. How to Use Strategic Planning and KPIs to Achieve Business Success

Steve Yeung says, “Strategic planning and KPIs are powerful tools for achieving sustainable business success. Strategic business planning is the process through which corporate executives devise a strategy to fulfill the company’s main purpose.”

He goes through:

  • Define the Vision and Core Values of the Company
  • State Your Primary Mission
  • Set Corporate and Departmental Goals
  • Do a Situation Analysis
  • Set Out Your Business Plan
  • Set up Key Performance Indicators

and concludes with: “Strategic planning provides an essential blue print for business success. It also helps to provide well defined goals and performance indicators that will be used to monitor and improve performance and promote sustainable business growth.”

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