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1. Using a Proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE

In this blog, Christian Screen says, “As part of the configuration process of leveraging a Proxy Server or HTTP Server with OBIEE, one configures the context-root paths accessible for routing to the target application server used by Oracle BI. This logic will apply when using a proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE as the integration of the BITeamwork application is deployed to the same application server when deployed to the on-premise OBIEE solution.” Read on for more.

2. RittmanMead BI Forum 2014 – Wrap – up

Daan Bakboord summarised the three day program and named some of his favourite parts as the Masterclass on Cloudera Hadoop and a presentation on Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture.

3. Oracle BIApps

Saichand Varanasi blogs that Oracle BI Apps is available for download.  He also links to critical patches that are available.

4. Enabling the Auto-Complete Prompt Functionality in OBIEE

This blog begins by saying, “OBIEE has an auto-complete prompt feature which when enabled allows users to begin typing a selection in the prompts and OBIEE will suggest and highlight the matching prompt values.”

It then gives a code that when implemented will allow the auto-complete to be case insensitive.

5. Might I learn something from Oracle Support?

Cameron Lackpour says he might and there’s a strong possibility you might as well!

6. RittmanMead BIForum14 – my summary

Boris Dahav names some of the best bits as the Master Class on Big Data, the great/funny/interesting/too short presentation by Christian Berg, “Neo’s voyage in OBIEE and the presentation by Andrew Bond and Stewart Bryson.

7. XML/BI Publisher in Oracle EBS – Bye Bye Discoverer

Danny Byrant covers:

  • Requirements
  • Setting up the Environment
  • Creating the XML Template
  • Create Your Report

He also links to a tutorial to help get you started.

8. How to Choose KPIs to Achieve Strategic Goals

Steve Yeung says, “Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs) can dramatically improve the performance of an organization. KPIs are an excellent tool to achieve strategic business goals. But only carefully selected KPIs actually provide the information required for monitoring and assessing performance.”

He then goes through:

  • Define the Organization’s Strategy and Goals
  • Identify Critical Success Factors
  • Select Strategic and Operational Level KPIs
  • Allow Team Members to Take Ownership
  • Set Targets for the KPIs
  • Use a Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard to Monitor KPIs

then concludes with: “KPIs that are chosen through a well defined procedure will produce better results than KPIs chosen at random. This KPI article has outlined the steps required to select KPIs that will drive the achievement of strategic objectives. These include defining strategic goals, setting corresponding operational objectives, allowing all team members to participate in the selection process and setting definite targets for each KPI.”

9. The State of the OBIEE 11g World as of May 2014

Mark Rittman’s extensive article goes through:

  • Product Versions and Capabilities
  • Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS)
  • Data Visualization, and the Competition from Tableau
  • Community Development of OBIEE Best Practices, Techniques, Product Add-Ons
  • Hadoop and Big Data Integration
  • Exalytics and Engineered Systems

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Daisy Ding posted Why Saying esProc is More Powerful Than SQL, Java and R on structured data computing and Complex Business Analytics?

Richard Rankin shared This Is 4K PC Gaming With Falcon Northwest’s Mach V And Triple Nvidia Titan Blacks

Praveen Kumar Sutari  asked “Instead of adding the mouse over definitions manually in the logical layer/presentation layer of the RPD, is there a way to integrate OBIEE mouse overs into a standalone database so that we can have the ability to update table with definitions in the Database which support multiple languages to house this mouseover descriptions?”

Answer him here.

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Gerd Aiglstorfer tweeted Oracle Smart View for Office and Oracle BI

KPI Partners postedWhat Is Cache?… 5 Steps to Automatically Purge Cache in Oracle BI

M&S Consulting tweeted Enabling the Auto-Complete Prompt Functionality in OBIEE

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