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1. nQLogViewer in OBIEE

Kashinathan says, “We can use the log viewer utility nQLogViewer to view the query log. Each entry in the query log is tagged with the user ID, session ID and request ID.The User ID will have the details of the user who issued the query, the session ID will have the details of the session in which the query was initiated, and the request ID will have the individual query.” Read the full blog post for instructions.

2. OBIEE 11g – Advanced Row level security

This blog from ClearPeaks discusses the Organization details and then breaks down the Technical Solution to:

  1. Database table
  2. Session Initialization blocks
  3. Data filtering

They conclude by saying:

– Make sure that you don’t have other data security filters defined for the same objects in lower application roles since they can get disabled, i.e. in BI Consumer.

– The session manager is the best place where you can check the session variable values and detect possible bugs in your initialization blocks.

3. OBIEE – Improve Performance of Hadoop Queries

Pravin Khadakkar explores the tools to Improve Performance of Hive Queries. He says, “I believe for Hive Queries Exalytics might be a better option.” He shows us the following example from the Oracle published document:


4. Case study: Emailing OBIEE dashboards with ad-hoc agent that dynamically passes dashboard prompt values based on user request – Part 3

In Part 3 of a series of blog posts, after going through the case study, Bojie He says, “There are two main pieces of the puzzles according to me:

1. Users will probably document their request in the form of spreadsheet and upload it somewhere.

2. Manually creating of all these user_1s in OBIEE will be a nightmare.

Having said all that, I think I have come to as far as I can come with this solution. It’s not a perfect solution, in fact, it may be a terrible solution in someone’s eyes, but it does work to some extent. Maybe Oracle has plans for this type of requirements in their future products.”

Read the full blog post here.

5. Virtual Column in Oracle 11g

Kashinathan discusses how ‘Virtual Column’ is one of the new features introduced in Oracle 11g. He explores two examples of how to create a virtual column in a table. Kashinathan gives us some important Points on Virtual Columns:

  • All columns in the virtual column, should belong to the same table on which we are creating the virtual column
  • We cannot do any update or DML’s on Virtual column.
  • Virtual column expression can’t reference any other virtual column.
  • Indexes and constraints can be created on virtual columns; also they can be used as partition key
  • Virtual columns reduce the use of views and derived columns

Read his full blog post here


6. Open Source Big Data Technologies

This blog by Sunil S Ranka focuses on the mashup picture below:


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