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1. How-To: File hunt for OBIEE GUI changes

Christian Berg blogs about How to change a part of the GUI of OBIEE? He says “I’m doing these changes quick and dirty to make them instantly visible. The proper way is to create and deploy your own style + skin package within which you do those changes.”

Read in further detail here.

2. Using Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Benjamin Perez-Goytia says, ” This article presents a modified version of the ODI load knowledge module called LKM Oracle to Oracle (datapump) The ODI load knowledge module (LKM) presented in this article has been enhanced with additional options and steps to take advantage of the best features of Oracle Data Pump and Oracle External Tables.  Some of the enhancements include data compression, server to server file transport, threads control, and the use of Oracle Optimizer Hints.  This article shows how to configure and use this knowledge module.”

He then goes through:

  • Using Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Overview: LKM Oracle to Oracle Datapump Plus
  • Load Knowledge Module (LKM) Options
  • Configuring your Environment to Work with Oracle Data Pump – There are 3 areas where configuration is required:   the source data server, the target data server, and the ODI studio.
  • Configuring Your Database Link for File-Transfer Operations
  • How does LKM Oracle to Oracle Datapump Plus work? – There are 5 main steps.
  • Understanding the Code Generated by the Knowledge Module

3. How to Add RAC Databases to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Gokhan Atil posts here how to add RAC (Clustered Databases) to Enterprise Manager 12c. He says, “Finally I found time to get screenshots and prepare a step-by-step guide!”

4. Better Data Modeling: Color Code Your Data Model Diagrams using #SQLDevModeler

Kent Graziano says, “One of the standards I recommend in my book ‘Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews’ is to use colour in your diagrams to visually differentiate types of entities or tables. As luck would have it, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler has a feature that makes this very easy. It is Classification Types.” His bonus tip is: If, like me, you want to be consistent across all your designs with the types and colors, I just figured out I can hack the dl_settings.xml file to copy my classification type customizations from one design to another. Just be sure to exit and then restart SDDM after you update the file for it to take effect.

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 David King posted 6 Desktop BI Tools

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Mark Willems shared ‘What is Cloud Computing?

Ujjal Das posted a link entitled ‘Free Cloud Guide: Economics of Cloud Financial Software.’

Saandeep Raghunath posted Change Default Behavior when editing a report

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Oracle Middleware shared In the News: Verizon and Oracle Partner for Better Cloud Access with Fusion Middleware

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Chris Rofidal tweeted The Big Data Doctor is In!


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