APEX and the Cloud

APEX is finally getting the credit it deserves as a corporate tool, and the Cloud is the latest and greatest useful trend in the IT world.  So it makes sense that they come together.

(No i don’t count the Big Data Hype as useful yet)

Its great to see more companies getting involved with Apex consulting and now we see Apex hosting too, which is handy because I recently decided to go for a change in hosting provider.

The table below compares the current providers and options that I used to decide which one to go with.

It seemed a no brainer after comparing the costs!


Feature Oracle MaxApex Enciva Revion Azure Own
11g 11g 12c 12c 12c 11g
Apex 5 5 5 5 4 5
ORDS Restful 3
Schema 1 2 2 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Cost/month  $175  $ 75  $  30  $ 50  $ 840 Free
Core n/a 2 1
RAM n/a 1.5Gb 0.75Gb
Disk 5Gb 11Gb 100Mb 100Mb 20Gb
Transfer 30 Unlimited 75GB
Domain No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ODBC No Yes No
Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OS n/a  OEL5 Linux
No Yes Yes
Root No Yes
Email No Yes Yes
IIS No 7
php No 5 5
Jasper Reports No Yes Yes No
Other Lower
cost options available
MySQL and Postgres Databases
your Own Server and DBA!


Signing up to Enciva was very simple, and within 12 hours I had a fully operational System.