OBIEE In Decline?

Last month we heard that OBIEE was not on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, so I looked at the up coming conferences Collaborate16 and Kscope16, and found they are lighter on OBIEE sessions.  Suggesting that OBIEE is on the decline, and is no longer the darling of the Oracle community.

So what is going on?

Actually, OBIEE is still going strong in the marketplace.  In the UK there are 55 contract jobs advertised, with 113 permanent jobs.  This is great news.  Book sales are still going strong, and companies are busy implementing OBIEE based projects.

It appears that the major conferences have shifted their focus elsewhere.  Collaborate 16 has a few OBIEE sessions, and KScope16 has less than 20.  However, at Kscope16 there are over 50 APex sessions, and a huge array of Essbase sessions.

Whilst this is good news to see APex and Essbase begin to become serious corporate solutions, lets not forget that OBIEE is still massively popular and deserves an equal footing at Oracle conferences.

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2. A Thought on ODI Variables

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3. User Groups Matter

Michelle Kolbe says, “How many times this week have you googled a technical question and found a blog, an article, a forum post or slides from a presentation? I do this multiple times per day! And while my undergraduate degree taught me a lot, especially how to approach problems, I learned most of what I know about business intelligence from learning from others.”

4. Using Oracle BI Publisher to Extract Data From Oracle Sales and ERP Clouds

Richard Williams writes, “Many Cloud products such as Oracle Sales Cloud, and Oracle ERP Cloud come packaged with Oracle Transaction Business Intelligence (OTBI). OTBI allows users to create and run reports against both Transactional and Warehouse databases.  At times there may be a need to extract that data to an external system.”

5. APEX and the Nest Thermostat

Martin Giffy D’Souza blogs and shares this video

6. How can I see my invisible columns

Connor McDonald says, “A cool new feature in 12c is the ability to make a column invisible.  The concept has existed since 8i to handle things like “set unused” and function based indexes, but now it is available to developers directly.”

7. Oracle BICS Basics: Creating a Project

Christian Screen shares, “In this post I would simply like to take you through making art out of your favorite data set. Using the immense technology behind Oracle Data Visualizer on the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) we will go through uploading a spreadsheet and creating art with it. The process is so simple it would allow any User with a spreadsheet to create multitudes of charts, graphs, or how I like to put it, any Art they desire.”

8. How It’ll Go Down – Upgrading OBIEE 11g to 12c

Neal Achord writes:

What are you in for when migrating from OBIEE 11g to 12c? Short answer is there is a lot less pain going from 11g to 12c than there was going from OBIEE 10g to 11g. The upgrade to 12c is an out of place upgrade as was the 10g to 11g which means new software install followed by migrating/upgrading 11g artifacts(web catalog, RPD file and permisssion) to the 12c versions.

If you’re new to these upgrades, here is a super-short outline:

  • Check Software/Hardware Pre-requisites.
  • Install the OBIEE 12c software.
  • Export/migrate the 11g artifacts in the form of an export bundle.
  • Import the export bundle from the 11g system into the 12c system.
  • Test everything out in 12c.
  • Re-mediate any conversion issues.
  • Go Live

9. OBIEE 12.2.1 and Maps documents

Boris Dahav links to a number of documents e.g. Configuring Mapping and Spatial Information

10. OBIEE 12c Infrastructure Tuning Guide is out!

Steve Yeung links to the OBIEE 12c Infrastructure Tuning Guide

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