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This last month has been all about Apex for me.  After OBIEE 12c installed so easily and working well, I decided its time to learn something new.

Apart from buying a few books (PL/SQL Programming, Expert Apex, and Pro JQuery in Apex) I headed into the Apex World, and found dozens of experts, with fantastic Blogs and Real Examples, including the brilliant Forum Try Out site (https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=53848:1:::NO:::) and Patrick Wolfs http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/

More blogs below.  All worth visiting.

Also worth visiting Joel at http://joelkallman.blogspot.co.uk/

And there also the community page at https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=411:1 and apex.world


APEX bloggers

At Kscope 15, the first ever ODTUG APEX game competition was launched. The APEX community responded with 15 entries!  All the games can be found here but here are some of the highlights.

  1. ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition – How’d They Do It? (Part 5)

Daniel Hochleitner (twitter ) has around 7 years of  APEX experience.  HIs game was called Crappy Bird (APEX style)  and can be found here. Have a go at the game.

2. ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition – How’d They Do It? (Part 6)

Scott Wesley (twitter @swesley_perth) also has around 7 years of APEX experience.  HIs game is called Boggex (a combination of Boggle and APEX)!

Have a go at it!

3.  ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition – How’d They Do It? (Part 1)

Gabriel Dragoi (LinkedIn profile) has around 5 years APEX experience.  He built two games for the competition. The first was a Role Playing Dungeon Crawler Game and the second was Alchemy.

Have a go!

4. ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition – How’d They Do It? (Part 7)

Nick Buytaert (twitter @nbuytaert1) also has around 5 years of APEX experience. His game is called MoviePick. It took him around two weeks to develop the game and it can be found here.

5. ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition – How’d They Do It? (Part 9)

Anderson Rodrigues Ferreira produced the winning game.  (twitter @andersonrf81) He has around 6 years of APEX experience and his game was called APEX Hold’em Truco. It took him a week to develop in APEX 5 and it can be located here.

6. ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition – How’d They Do It? (Part 10)

Matt Mulvaney (twitter @matt_mulvaney) has been experienced in APEX since version 4.. His game is called Rescue42 and can be located here.

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Videos such as ORACLE TEAM USA on the move in 2015


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