New features of OBIEE 12c


So, you have the install done, and that went pretty well.  Didn’t it?

You can now start to play with the new toy.

This week we look at the new things you play with. My favorite is the command line stuff – feels like we are back in the good old days when we could write a (simple)  script to upload a new rpd.

Other cool things to try are:

Blogs of the week

  1. Enabling R and the relevant Analytics functions on OBIEE 12c

Boris Dahav writes, ”

One of the great new features of OBIEE 12c is the ability to have advanced analytic functions based on R. “R is a widely used environment for statistical computing and graphics and can be used with many different datasources including external files or databases.
This post will only deal with enabling this functionality on the server.”
This blog states, “Oracle Business intelligence 12c introduced a new set of command line utilities that will make it easier for BI System administrator to manage the OBIEE service instance ; release 12c has shifted the process control operations that used to be performed  from the web applications such as Enterprise Manager Fusion Manager to command line scripting utilities.”
Examples of operations that can be performed are:
  • create/delete new service instance
  • Check BI service instance overall health, components health, dependencies health
  • Export BAR file
  • perform operations on the RPD such as  those we listed under the new commands (upload/download RPD etc.) , getrepositories (list of RPD from the BI Server)

3. OBIEE 12c remote repository download/upload

Andrew of BISoftDiary writes, “One of the most interesting features of OBIEE 12c is an ability to download/upload with command-line utility without using OEM and the best part of all: without restarting of an Analytics server!”

He then explores two issues that arise when uploading a repository from his developer workstation to a server.  Read the full blog for more.


This blog lists new features as:

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Faster
  • Friendlier
  • More Visual
  • More Advanced
  • More Mobile
  • Bigger Data
  • Higher ROI, Lower TCO

5. The Best Thing That Ever Happened to OBIEE 12c: BICS

Jeremy Harms writes about the following features:

  • Proving Ground
  • Look and Feel Interface
  • Data Mashups
  • Visual Analyzer
  • Better Architecture and Administration

6. Much waited OBIEE 12c is released – All new features, Improvements

Shiva Molabanti’s highlights are listed as

New Features in Presentation Services

  • Visual analyzer
  • Views enhancement
  • New Heat Matrix view
  • New Data Format properties “Scale for % (x 100)”

New Features in BI Server

  • Logical Level Sequence Numbers for Time Dimensions
  • DISPLAY, SORTKEY Syntax Supported in the SQL ORDER BY Expression
  • Oracle Database FAN & Connection Failover Supported by Oracle BI Server
  • Generate Fragmented Aggregates in Aggregate Persistence

New Features in Administration

  • Installation
  • No more OPMN
  • Migrating from 11g to 12C
  • BAR (BI Archive File)

New Features in Security

  • BISystemUser and BISystem Removed
  • User GUIDs Removed
  • Database Security Store
  • Easier SSL Configuration

7. OBIEE 12c released

Gerd names the new features for BI users as:

  • Visual Analyzer
  • Mashup data using Visual Analyzer and Analysis editor
  • New view type named heat matrix
  • Ability to sort graph, heat matrix, pivot table, table, treemap, and trellis views by using a context menu (right-click)
  • Specify whether to multiply data by a 100 to display it as a percentage in an analysis
  • Add data from an external source to an analysis
  • Style and customize KPI Watchlists and every watchlist that appears in a scorecard
  • Set advanced dashboard page properties to specify incoming navigation parameters

Download Oracle Business Intelligence 12c here

Documents can be found here

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