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Easter was fun and hugely successful for us on the Sailing front. Number one son was top 10 British sailor and Number One Daughter was third females, winning selection to represent Great Britain at the Europeans Championships (EUROSAF). I hope yours was as good.
Anyway, back to work and here’s all the OBIEE and Oracle stuff we have found useful this week.

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 28th April

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Videos such as: Performance Architects talks about key BI and Mobile trends

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1. Mobile Analytics – Native, Web, Hybrid

Daan Bakboord links to this presentation in his blog ‘HTML5 and the Journey to the Modern and Mobile Web‘ which he says gives some valuable background to Mobile Application Development.

2. 3rd-Party Visualizations in OBIEE – Part 3

Kevin McGinley says, “In Part 1 of this post, I wrote about why you might want to add third-party visualization capabilities for OBIEE and gave a brief explanation how to setup one approach: calling java visualization engines.  In Part 2 I walked through a detailed example of how to actually do this using a visualization engine called Flot.  In this post I will do the same thing for a visualization engine called D3.”

3. KScope14’s Sunday Database Symposium

Kris Rice blogs here about the Sunday Symposium at KScope14

4. What is Massively Parallel Processing? (MPP)

Kashinathan explains what MPP is and what it is used for. He says some of the favourite MPP databases will be discussed in future posts.

5. Several Methods for Structured Big Data Computation

This blog opens with, “All data can only have the existence value by getting involved in the computation to create value. The big data makes no exception. The computational capability on structural big data determines the range of practical applications of big data. In this article, I’d like to introduce several commonest computation methods: API, Script, SQL, and SQL-like languages.”

Read on!

6. OBIEE – Installing patch set on Windows

Boris Dahav says, “The process is very similar to the previous patchset installations. I created it for myself, mostly for comfortable copy/paste of command lines.”

He then talks us through how to do it.

7. What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You… (About OBIEE 11g Presentation Hierarchies!)

Jeremy Harms shares his presentation which covers:

* Pitfalls and bugs to avoid (and how the heck to find the “totals at the bottom” option…)
* Performance considerations
* Proper key level modeling
* How to prompt on as well as drill through (while passing context) for BI analyses with presentation hierarchies

8. OBIEE 11g Services Start-up Guide for Unix Platform

Debashis Paul gives us a step by step guide to do clean start-up and shut-down of OBIEE 11g services.

9. Oracle Data Warehouse and Big Data Magazine April Edition for Customers + Partners

Keith Laker tells us that the latest edition of our monthly data warehouse and big data magazine for Oracle customers and partners is now available! Have a look here.

10. Installing ORE – Part B

Here, Brendan Tierney writes his second part of a 2 part blog.  He says, “In reality there are 3 blog posts on installing ORE. The third and next blog post will be on a particular issue you might encounter on a Windows server and how you can over come the issue. In the previous blog post I outlined the steps needed to install ORE on the database server and on the client machine. Click here to go to this post. In this blog post I will show you how to setup a schema for ORE and how to get connected to the schema using ORE.”

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Jeremiah Johnson asks How do you stay calm?

Daisy Ding shared R VS.esProc : how to find Top 3 Salespersons Ranking by Monthly Sales Amount  and Four methods for big structured data computing and analytics: API, SQL, Script, and SQL-like languages

Gerd Aiglstorfer posted A short overview on BI success factors … and why we recommend Oracle BI 🙂

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Fusion Applications tweeted Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Usage in Fusion Applications (FA)

IBM Big Data posted Big data can be a big help to city

Daan Bakboord shared some videos:

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