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1. Add Comments on Oracle BI Mobile

Christian Screen gives step-by-step instructions on how to add comments on Oracle BI Mobile applications such as the ones downloaded from iTunes or the Android store.

2. Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014: Day 1

Alexander Hansal updates us on the first day of the Rittman Mead BI Forum taking place in Brighton, in particularly the Big Data masterclass with Lars George from Cloudera titled “Hadoop, HBase, NoSQL and What These Mean for Oracle BI&DW Developers”

Check out the delegates tweets #biforum2014 for live updates.

3. Upcoming Events 2014

Kevin McGinley lists the upcoming events in 2014, including BI Forum and KScope.

4. OBIEE & Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Suman Reddy says, “Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g provides multi-dimensional navigation/analysis support.  This multi-dimensional feature is supported for almost any data source including Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SASS).  For Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2008/2012, we need to make an initial configuration before getting started with OBIEE.” Read on for more.

5. Map viewer in OBIEE 11g – Part 1

Kashif M, in Part 1 of a series of blogs, goes through the steps to implement map view.

6. 12c New Optimizer Features

Randolf Geist says, “Besides the officially available information about new optimizer features in 12c it is always a good idea to have a look at the internal optimizer parameters that show what features are enabled when running with OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE =”

7. Truth Vs Hype – Interesting Analysis of Modern Information Technology Trends

Pravin Khadakkar shares a Hype Curve and says, “This is a very interesting curve. It is subject to strict monitoring going forward to test it against time. I have been started working couple of projects on information discovery, predictive analytics for structured and non-structured data feed. It may not be a big data project in totality but I believe it is beginning on the big spectrum, I believe all big data projects would start with discovery/research to begin with.”

8. Need for Defining Reference Architecture For Big Data

Sunil S Ranka shares his latest print media article (5th in the series) for CIO magazine.

9. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Plugin for PostgreSQL

Gokhan Atil shows us where to download the plugin and how to set it up. He says, “I have tested the plugin for only 2 days, but I can say that it’s a great addition to EM12c. The PostgreSQL plugin of Blue Medora helps you easily monitor PostgreSQL instance, examine tables, indexes, connections and queries.”

10. What are Key Performance Indicators and Why Are They Important?

Steve Yeung goes through:

  • What are Key Performance Indicators and Why Are They Important?
  • KPI Definition
  • Characteristics of KPIs
  • Examples of KPIs
  • Choosing KPIs

and concludes with “KPIs are powerful for monitoring, assessing and improving performance in any organization. To maximize their use, business owners and managers need to fully understand their basic characteristics and choose KPIs that will help them to achieve their strategic and operational goals. In short, KPIs provide Clarity, Focus and Improvement.”

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Daisy Ding posted Parallel strategy enhances Oracle Data Import Speed

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Kashinathan K  posted Introduction to NewSQL

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Lisa Davis shared Oracle Endeca Information Discovery for Healthcare

KPI Partners tweeted What exactly is Exalytics?

Jos van Dongen posted Data Credibility: A New Dimension of Data Quality?

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