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Deadlines. Some are ‘pretend’, you know you can get away with being a little bit late, because the you KNOW the project manager has factored in you being late! Others are very fixed. Like the deadline to submit proposals for speaking at conferences. Luckily I met the two that just passed, one was for Oracle open World in San Francisco, and the other was for Tech 16 – The UKOUG conference coming up in December. Wish me luck, because in 15 years of working in OBIEE I have not presented at a conference. I did a rubbish talk once at a BI Forum – It was terrible due to lack of sleep the night before.
Talking of conferences, the ODTUG KScope16 conference in Chicago looks like it will be another great event – Don’t hold back, register today   It’s worth going for the networking alone!

This week I updated the OBIEE newspaper – you will now find it at  Check out and subscribe to this weekly market update.

Blogs of the week

  1. OBIEE Upgrade – 5 Common Question Areas

Bill Anderson names the 5 common question areas as:

  • Upgrade vs Migrate
  • Versions
  • Importing the 11g bundle
  • The Metadata layer
  • Post Migration Steps


Paul Cannon referred to his original blog and then expands on it.

3. Tracking OBIEE reporting data

Rafal Ostaszewski writes, “BI implementations may use hundreds of data warehouse tables and thousands of reports, and one of the most common requirements in a BI project is the ability to track back the data used in reports.”

4. Oracle Data Visualization Desktop – First Impression

Srinivas Malyala links to Data Visualisation and Oracle Community Forum in his blog.

5. Creating a Mobile-Optimized REST API Using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service – Part 4

Steven Davelaar says, “To build functional and performant mobile apps, the back-end data services need to be optimized for mobile consumption.”

He then goes through:

  • Setting up the storage collection
  • Implementing the GET Jobs Endpoint
  • Testing the GET Jobs Endpoint

6. Analyzing Execution Plans

Ric Van Dyke writes, “The classic suggestion is to look for Full Table Scans and try to eliminate them.  However Full Table Scans can be the right thing to do more often than not.  Indexes are great and the right index can sure make the difference in see your results now or days from now.  But if you’re getting data from most of the table blocks, a full scan can be the right way to go.”

7. UKOUG Tech16 Call For Papers!

Look for the deadline dates and submit papers here.

8. Oracle Documentation permalink creation

This blog says, “Tim Hall of ORACLE-BASE spoke for a lot of people when he (yet again) wrote about Oracle Documentation links changing all the time. There exists a method for a more permanent link to Oracle Documentation, but it can be a hassle to create such a permalink involving manually searching HTML code of the doc source.”

9. APEX Connect 2016, “The Pink Conference”

Heli documents her experiences of APEX Connect in Berlin, Germany.

10. RI Locks 

Jonathan Lewis responds to a a question that came up on the OTN database forum in this blog.

This week on Twitter

Danny Byrant shared the ODTUG newsletter

Christophe Dupupet shared Connecting Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) to the Cloud: Web Services and Security Policies

This week on LinkedIn

Karen Smith shared Calls for Papers for Apps16

Alum Sam asked “What is Quantum Computing?

Michael Rainey asked “Oracle ACE. What does that mean?

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