Two Minute Tech Tips

The OTN will be at Kscope16 looking for willing Volunteers to video their tech tips.¬† I can’t get there this year, so may have to do a selfie video ūüôā

But what subjects would I cover?

  • Use of Advanced SQL?
  • Jquery in OBIEE?
  • Apex and OBIEE?
  • Hidden Cascading Prompts?
  • Result Columns on Union?
  • CSS and Javascript on Dashboards
  • Use of Folders in the Catalog?

This week I had a Birthday ūüôā¬† So i bought myself a couple of Gigabyte BRIX computers.¬† They are awesome!¬† for ¬£500 you get i7 CPU, 32Gb RAM, internal Wfi, USB 3 ports, HDMI and two SSD drives.

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Blogs of the week

1. FDMEE and DRM integration – Part 1

John Goodwin adds his simplistic view on the flow between FDMEE and DRM:


Read the whole blog.

2. Announcing the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System, Version 7 and the Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase

Tim Tow writes, “After 18 months of hard work, Applied OLAP is proud to announce the general availability of the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System, version 7, and the all-new Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase.”


Nigel Fowler asks, “Ever wanted a programmatic way to access the alert log?” He shows us how to do it with SQL.

4. Oracle SQLcl, Why?

Jeff Smith says the real question is Why Not? !!

5. Customizing ODI Knowledge Modules

Emilio Soriano says, “The first thing to bear in mind when you start working with ODI is that you really must follow best practices in order to take full advantage of two of the most powerful weapons in the ODI arsenal: the declarative design and the knowledge modules. For those of you that don‚Äôt have too much experience with ODI, let me run through these two outstanding features.”

6. Countdown to KScope16

Wayne D. Van Sluys shares some interesting facts about KScope16.  He also shares the session lineup. 

7. How to create a Physical Model?

Heli says, “I have designed the Logical Model, pressed the double-arrow (Engineer to Relational Model) to get the Relational Model. Now I am ready to create a Physical Model for that Relational Model but how to do it?” Read on for more.

8.¬†Snowflake DB Cool Features ‚Äď Automatic Query¬†Optimization

Kent Graziano names Automatic Query Optimization. No Tuning as number one in his Top 10 Cool Features in the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse.

9. PREDICTION_DETAILS function in Oracle

Brendan Tierney blogs, “When building predictive models the data scientist can spend a large amount of time examining the models produced and how they work and perform on their hold out sample data sets. They do this to understand is the model gives a good general representation of the data and can identify/predict many different scenarios. When the “best” model has been selected then this is typically deployed is some sort of reporting environment, where a list is produced. This is typical deployment method but is far from being ideal.”

10. Examining predicted Clusters and Cluster details using SQL

Brendan writes “In a previous blog post I gave some details of how you can examine some of the details behind a prediction made using a classification model. This seemed to spark a lot of interest. But before I come back to looking at classification prediction details and other information, this blog post is the first in a 4 part blog post on examining the details of Clusters, as identified by a cluster model created using Oracle Data Mining.”

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Videos such as: Staying Ahead of the OBIEE Upgrade Wave: Versions, Support and Integration

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