Don’t Share! (Use your Own Filters)

Yes I know Sharing can be fun, but not everyone likes to share. If you share you have to play nice with the other children (developers).

I like to keep everything for a single ‘project’ in one folder, all the prompts, analyses, dashboards, etc and that includes the Filters. For example if we developed a set of dashboards for Absence in Department A -lets call this Project Ab10, Then I will put all the work into folders inside a folder called AB10 (no rocket science required so far).

Now, I want to have a single filter that can be used in the many analyses used on the various Dashboards and Dashboard pages for Project Ab10, and I want to keep this filter in a folder in the AB10 folder. Make sense (to me at least).

The problem is you can’t simply add a filter from a non standard folder using the Criteria tab. You only get the option to use filters from ‘Subject Area Contents’ (_filters) folder.

The solution is easy. Have a look at the XML. Edit it. Add into the Filters node, at the end of the Criteria node, a reference to your filter, including full path (path should start /shared/ not /Shared Folders/ btw).

That’s it. Now no-one can accidentally change a global shared filter and ruin your dashboard.

Happy XMLing

Blogs of the week

1. Critical Patch Update for April 2015 released

This blog reports that the Critical Patch Update for April 2015 was released on April 14th, 2015. Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.

2. Undocumented Data Export Feature in Oracle Hyperion PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service)

Edgewater Ranzal write, “In response to companies looking for more decentralized services with less IT overhead, Oracle has launched the Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). PBCS is a hosted version of the Oracle Hyperion Planning and Data Management/Integration (FDMEE) tools with a particular focus on a completely online-based interface.”

3. Deploy RPD manually in OBIEE 11g

Kalyan Chukkapalli writes, “Since OBIEE 11g released, the process of deployment of RPD is using FMW (Fusion Middleware Control) Enterprise Manager. However when the size of the RPD too large for FMW to handle, you can also use the Fusion Middleware Control System MBean Browser to upload the default metadata repository.”

4. Oracle APEX 5.0 released today

“After 2.5 years of development, today (April 15th)is the day APEX 5.0 is publicly released and ready to be downloaded to install on your own environment.”

5. How to pass pass custom parameters when Navigating in OBIEE

Nicholas Tan says, “One of the most frequent challenges run into when designing reports is providing relevant drill downs. Sometimes it is not enough to provide just a hierarchical drilldown. You need to navigate to another report which might be coming from some other subject area to show all the details. In this post we will look into how we can use the action framework to navigate to any report and pass parameters from the main report to the drill down report.”

6. ODI Lineage Reporting – Part 3

In this 3 part blog, Pete Bunning writes, “And so on to the last phase of setting up ODI Lineage which is much more straightforward. The previous steps are detailed here and here.”

7. Top Gun 2015 – Thanks Guillaume Slee – Essbase as a Source and Bursting in OBIEE?

Steve Yeung writes, “Top Gun is one of the most technical conferences in UK that focuses strictly on Hyperion EPM. This year, thanks to Guillaume Slee, EPM Services Director of Brovanture, kindly used some of the materials from my blog. I feel extremely glad to be referenced in his presentations.”

His presentation is here.

8. SQLcl: Run a Query Over and Over, Refresh the Screen

Jeff Smith blogs, “I was going to talk about our new IMPORT command in SQLcl. This will allow you to feed a delimited text file of data to our command line interface and have it automatically imported to a table. But Kris Rice beat me to it.”

His blog is here.

9. Managing overflows in LISTAGG

Keith Laker writes, “This is an interesting problem that has come up a few times in discussions (and I think it has been mentioned on the SQL forums as well).  When using LISTAGG on very large data sets you can sometimes create a list that is too long and consequently get an ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long  error.”

10. OBIEE Filter Sliding Last Day of Month

Gerd says, “In general OBIEE, repositories provide a bundle of date repository variables which update for example every 30 minutes to easily calculate a sliding window on the date dimension. So, users don’t have to change their reports in the course of time.”

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