Sailing Holidays Again

Just had another holiday at the seaside, where my daughter was competing in a Youth National Championships, and achieved Bronze Medal. Therefore I am a bit late with the blog, so on with the show…

Blogs of the week

1. OBIEE – Selecting columns dynamically – part4, working with and selecting none

In this part, Boris Dahav talks about how to remove column from analysis with column selector or prompt.  He says, “That means, selecting a column I don’t want to present (or actually influence the analysis at all). Why do I want such a stupid thing? When working with dynamic columns, I want the ability to control the number of columns. So if the user wants only 3 columns, out of possible 5, only 3 columns would appear in the analysis. The other 2 columns will not show.”

2. ODI Lineage Reporting – Part 2

Pete Bunning writes, “Carrying on from my post on installing the ODI Lineage components, today I’ll look at exporting the RPD and Web Catalog to text files.”

3. Oracle Merge and ORA-30926

Pete says, “As a sometime ETL coder I love the Oracle Merge statement. The ability to both insert and update in a single DML statement is great, and also gets around that age-old development question of which goes first the “insert” or the “update”? A bit like chicken and egg, but with a more discernible answer, the answer is of course it depends!”

4. On Installs and Updates of SQL Developer

Jeff Smith answers some FAQ’s on the next update of SQL Developer.


Kashinathan says, “The Internet of Things (IoT)  is a fast emerging network of IP-connected  devices and the communication (transfer of data) that occurs amid these devices without any human interface. IoT devices utilizes wireless sensor networks, control systems, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and the Internet to interact with external environment.”

He goes on to give examples, such as thermostats, cars, electronic appliances, lights in household and commercial environments, alarm clocks, speaker systems and vending machines.

6. Open World 2015 call for papers – my simple guidelines

Keith Laker gives some good advice and links to this guide to submitting papers.

7. KM Doc: How to change your OBIEE / Essbase passwords

This post links to a document which helps to alter:

  • WebLogic Embedded LDAP User’s Password
  • Credentials for BISystemUser
  • Weblogic user credentials
  • External LDAP Authenticator Principal User’s password
  • Scheduler DB Schema User password
  • Database Schema password in the EPM System Registry

8. Oracle BICS DITL Part 03: Modeling On The Catwalk

In this blog post, Kevin says, “In Part 03, my plan is to take the table I have and turn it into a working OBIEE model using the new Data Modeler tool in Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS), which replaces the Administration Tool in on-premise OBIEE.”

9. @OUGN Impressions

Gurcan Orhan shares his thoughts on OUGN

10. A really, really, really interesting guest blog on parallelism and its impact on database design

Cameron Lackpour employs another Essbase hacker to write this blog. Peter Nitschke gives an analysis on BSO database design and its impact on parallelism.

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