End of The OBIEE Year

Christmas and New Year this year was spent on a yacht cruising around the British Virgin Islands, which is the best place in the world. A yacht with family in the sunshine is fantastic and the BVIs this year were quiet, making it even better.
One island we visited is owned by Larry, no not the sailor / Oracle owner, but the Google owner. He is a kite surfing guy apparently, so cool and rich. But another thing i noticed about his history, he does not stand still. He looks for the next thing, and tries hundreds of things to find what people need.
A bit like the Analytics world in recent years. It tried lots of different things, but Oracle seem to be focused on one thing – The cloud.
Will the cloud go as big as OBIEE did? What will we see happen in 2018 with OBIEE? A replacement product? Will it become affordable to mid and small companies? Will Integrators still install in the face of Oracle Cloud competition?
All I know is that I will be building cool OBIEE stuff all of this year, and so should you. Then at the end of 2018 take a holiday with the family ūüôā

Blogs of the week

1.Exporting an APEX page plus Shared Components

Scott Wesley takes us through this, step by step.

2. Exploring AJAX presentation

Scott shares his presentation with us here

3. My #ukoug_tech17 presentation on Advanced Row Pattern Matching

Stew Ashton shares his slides from #ukoug #tech17

4. BI, EPM & Big Data in Focus December 2017

Mike Hallett summarises December’s news

5. Okta SSO with Snowflake

Kent Graziano shares this blog from Vlad Valeyev

6. JET Composite Component in ADF Faces UI – Deep Integration

Andrejus Baranovskis begins by saying, “Oracle JET team doesn’t recommend or support integrating JET into ADF Faces. This post is based on my own research and doesn’t reflect best practices recommended by Oracle. If you want to try the same – do it on your own risk.”

7. New Features in OBIEE 12c

Michelle Kolbe shares the following slides:

8. UKOUG Tech17 is a wrap

Daan Bakboord shares his experience. And his slides! Plus more slides!

He also sends us the link for next year’s nIOUG Tech18 papers¬†Due in 24th December.

This week on Twitter

ODTUG tweeted a link to Abstract Public Voting sign-ups

UKOUG say Become an Oracle Scene Author!

Keith Laker uploaded his Tech17 slides


Stories from mapr.com and www.redstk.com

Videos such as:

How To: quickly create an Applications Menu for your dashboards

Oracle DV – A Data-flow to Build Lift/Gains Charts for your Predictive Models