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Some stats don’t need a big database and business intelligence systems.

Sometimes we are asked to write fancy javascript or create links, or put lots of colour on the page, but remember…

It’s the numbers that matters, not how clever the developer is.

Blogs of the week

1. APEX 5.0 EA3 released with Universal Theme

Dimitri Gielis says, “For me the Universal Theme with Theme Roller, Theme Styles and Template Options is the absolute killer feature of APEX 5.0.”

and posts a link to a training day to take place in May.

2. OBIEE and Working with Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management

Srinivas Malyala says, “Today I got a chance to explore on Metadata Management Tool and thought of sharing information with you on how to get started.”

He links to another blog on how to get started.

This blog consists of:

  • Overview Section
  • Working with Metadata Manager MM
  • Now coming to Utilizing Metadata Manager
  • Performing Lineage

3. Planning New Features

John Goodwin writes, “So much was promised for the release of planning but unfortunately some of the key new functionality missed out on the release and it looks like it will be delivered in a PSU.

The main new feature is the simplified interface even though it is not really new as it first appeared in and was aimed purely at accessing the interface through a tablet which I blogged about here.”

4. Taking for a spin in the cloud

Cameron Lackpour blogs, “John Booth has solved the problem – he has created another of his EPM Amazon Web Services AMIs (Amazon Machine Instance).  Get an AWS account and fire up John’s AMI  (see Tim German’s post on how to go through the steps on this), and off you go to EPM”

Read his detailed blog on this here.

5. 12c OBIEE is coming soon

Arthur Dayton says, “With 12c, end users of OBIEE will find it much easier to take advantage of the huge efforts that have been put into creating a curated source of the truth, and all of the wonderful visualization and enterprise delivery capabilities of OBI, without having to sacrifice the ability to add data that didn’t make the cut for the data warehouse team.”

6. Oracle Big Data Discovery (BDD) Webinar on 5-Feb-2015

Boris Dahav posted Oracle Data Discovery: The Visual Face of Hadoop


and posted a link to an upcoming webinar.

7. Are Invisible Columns really Invisible?

Jeff Smith asks and answers this question.

This week on Twitter

KPI Partners shared Manufacturing Analytics for Oracle BI & E-Business Suite | Download Information Sheet

Alexander Hansal tweeted Siebel Open UI – Create your own user experience

Gokhan Atil posted Enterprise Manager and Services, Part I

This week on LinkedIn


Kent Graziano posted Better Data Modeling: The Data Warrior Speaks 2015



Stories from Cameron’s blog for Essbase Hackers, thatJeffSmith and Oracle Scratchpad

Videos such as:

OBIEE Bulk Scheduler


and Oracle Coherence: Explaining the 3 Cache Types