Wearable Oracle

A parcel arrived this week, while I am away in Barcelona, and it was a nice Oracle ACE Program top.  I hope it fits!  Photos to follow (of the top not my Barcelona trip)

Anyway, despite being away, the show must go on…

Blogs of the week

1. Using ODI Knowledge Modules To Manage Indexes

Pete Bunning says, “The idea is to remove the need for separate procedures to disable and rebuild indexes around the main warehouse load.  By including this functionality into an ODI KM it can be used for every fact table and seemed a much neater way of doing things.”

2. Ephemeral Port Issue with Essbase Has Been Fixed!

Tim Tow informs us that the issue that has plagued a number of Essbase customers over the years related to running out of available ports has finally been fixed!

After going into more details about this issue, he closes by saying, “In summary, this fix will be very useful for a lot of Oracle customers.”

3. The 12 Steps to Faster Data Warehouse Success

Kent Graziano blogs about his first online training video based on his very popular white paper and talk: Agile Methods and Data Warehousing: How to Deliver Faster.

Also, as a bonus, once you finish the course, you can download a free copy of the detailed article he wrote for UKOUG.

Read the full blog for more details.

4. Stupid Programming Tricks No. 20 — Load Rules, header rows, and confusion

Cameron Lackpour writes, “Load Rules are a simple (yet evil and yes there is some personal bias in this but it is my blog after all) interface for loading files and tables into Essbase as either data or metadata.  Every schoolboy knows this, or at least every Essbase developer.”He goes through:

Loading data
Header Records
Data source properties
Data load setting

5. My OTN 2 Minute Tech Tip: Predictive Queries

Brendan Tierney says, “The challenge was to talk about the topic within 2 minutes. That is a lot harder than you time. Believe me.”

6. FixParallel–How fast is fast?

Glenn Schwartzberg asks, “How fast is fast?!”

He concludes his blog by saying, “So is FixParallel worth it, my testing says YES! FixParallel for me was an awesome new feature and one I will use often.”

7. Stop Doing That! – In Oracle SQL Developer

Jeff Smith writes, “One of the coolest bits of The Matrix, was the ability for the main characters to ‘download’ new skills or objects into their virtual reality. Like Neo could learn Kung-Fu with a simple button click. Today, I want all of you to take the (Oracle) Red Pill, and download your SQLDev knowledge pack.”

Jeff then writes about:

  • Firing up another copy of the app
  • Scrolling through the tree every time you want to open an object.
  • Copying and pasting data to Excel
  • Writing queries from scratch, every time.
  • Using *’s in your SELECTs
  • Putting DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE all over your PL/SQL
  • Using the Create Table Dialog

amongst other things, that you can stop doing!

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What is hard coding?


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