Good Oracle, Bad Project Manager


While Storm Brian batters the UK, Oracle batters us with update after Update!.

I am especially looking forward to Oracle XE 18.

It’s clear to me that the pace of Oracle change is picking up, and that we all need to embrace that change.  This month the DBA role was questioned with the introduction of the self updating database.  While some may be sceptical about the ability of Oracle to deliver a self maintaining database, if they do deliver then that could free up the DBA for more ‘productive’ activity, such as performance tuning everything, advising on database design and building framework PL/SQL (error traping etc).

This would help the OBIEE developers so they can focus on more content and less tuning activity.

Another thing that would help the OBIEE developer is to remove project management.  The biggest drain on a developer’s time are project managers who insist on pointless meetings, task updates, time estimates and thinking that their job is more important than everyone else’s.

It’s time that companies started trusting the developers more.  Let people know what the goal is, and let them get on with it.  You are only wasting your money and delaying your project by having a project manager who doesn’t follow the Agile Methodology and it’s principles –


Blogs of the week

  1. Welcome to ODTUG Kscope18!

Opal Alapat talks about the main 4 ideas which have been listened to.

1.  New Abstract Deadline

2. Expanding opportunities for volunteers

3. Publishing the ODTUG Kscope Session Evaluation Average

4. New Webcast series

Read the rest of the blog for more details of this, and more.

2.  Art of BI: The 6 Greatest Data Integrity Business Challenges

Christian Screen writes, “Clean, correct, consistent, reliable information is the holy grail of data-driven organizations, one of the most important assets that a company can have. In order to achieve data integrity, however, you’ll first have to surmount a number of obstacles.


  • Multiple sources of data
  • Multiple BI Applications
  • Manual Data Pulls
  • Inconsistently built reports
  • Excel dependencies
  • Lack of best practices

3.  POST Up a BLOB to an Oracle Table via REST

Jeff Smith writes, “Scenario: I want to post up a record to be inserted into a table. The record will consist of a couple of regular values, but also a file, which will be stored as a BLOB.Ok, how does this happen?”

4. OBIEE Security Dashboard

Syed Zubair says, “The following are benefits of having a separate security dashboard.

  • Provides a 360-degree overview of user access to OBIEE catalogues and dashboards
  • Fetches complete access details of any particular business user
  • Fetches the list of catalogs, users and AD groups (If applicable) mapped to any application role

5. Optimize Oracle response times with Cary Millsap using Method R

This blog shares details of a webinar to take place on 26th October. Register


6. BI Cloud Connector – Download Data Extraction Files

Ulrich Janke gives a short introduction to this tool followed by a focus on the file download capabilities of these data extracts. In case of an enhanced interest,  he says that in future blog postings, he will discuss other features and functions in more detail.

7. Freeze Column & Headers Plugin

Jorge Rimblas goes through how to do this and then links to a


8. OBIEE 12c – “CSF error” OR “OFM security error” OR “no matching Authentication Protocol”

Debashis Paul says, “So , Nowhere in OBIEE 12c Installation said that, you need to have certain pre-requisite condition in the DB to ensure successful installation and  you end up scratching head why you are getting all the nonsense in OBIEE installation logs when everything you did right !

Yes , unfortunately that life with Oracle tool ! (! Sigh ! ) and if you are the one person who hit this error you can try out the option below to fix.”

Read his blog for the fix option!

9. OpenWorld 2017 – Must-See Sessions for Day 1 – Sunday

Keith Laker details his must see sessions.

10. ADF BC REST Service from ADF Library JAR

Andrejus Baranovskis writes, “I had assignment to enable ADF BC REST for existing ADF application, which was developed with multiple ADF libraries. ADF BC REST was supposed to be enabled for one of the ADF libraries and then accessed through Master application. All ADF BC REST samples usually show how to enable REST inside Master application itself. I was curious if it will work to enable ADF BC REST and package it into ADF library, which is consumed from Master application. It worked and I would like to share sample app.”

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