OBIEE Jobs Market Going Strong

A quick search for OBIEE jobs last week (for no reason at all!) showed just how many jobs there are out there still. Indeed has over 1300 jpbs. Obviuosly some are duplicate and not all pure OBIEE jobs, but it does show that its still worth keeping the skills up, so read, read read..

My book that is, and these blogs…

Blogs of the week

1. Art of BI: What You’re Missing When You Can’t Visualize Your Data Part I

Bill Anderson asks the following questions:

  • What happens when you can’t see your data?
  • If you don’t have an easy, interpretable, analytics view of your data, how can you improve your operation?
  • How do you know what is working and what is not working?
  • How would you set prices under these circumstances?

He refers us also to the following white paper.

2. Call for Papers nlOUG Tech Experience 2018

Daan Bakboord shares the Call for Papers information for Tech Experience (closing date 24th December)

3. Using Oracle’s Baseline Validation Tool with OBIEE — Part 1

Michelle Kolbe writes, “This post is part 1 of 4 about using the Baseline Validation Tool (BVT) with Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE).”

She writes about:

  • Overview of BVT
  • Tests available in BVT
  • Catalog
  • Reports
  • Logical Query
  • UI
  • Dashboard
  • BI Publisher
  • VA
  • 12C Upgrade Baseline Testing
  • Finding BVT Help

4. Help! Where do you go for help with Oracle?

Jeff Smith asks the above question! He is running a week long poll on Twitter.

He also asks, What do you find most valuable when it comes to solving your Oracle Database problems?

Vote on the blog.

5. Watch this video:

Mark Hurd Oracle Openworld 2017 Keynote Highlights

6. Data Blending Made Easy with Oracle Data Visualization

Philippe Lions shares this youtube video:

Go here for your free trial

7. Securing Subject Areas in Oracle Analytics Cloud

Dayne Carley posts about:

  • Setting up Test Users in OAC
  • Preparing Application Roles in OAC
  • Securing Subject Areas using Presentation Services Privileges
  • Validating the Security Setup
  • Summary
  • References

8. Question Time 

Jonathan Lewis posts about Question Time at the UKOUG Tech conference

This year there are:

  • Christian Antognini
  • Nigel Bayliss
  • Maria Colgan
  • Richard Foote
  • Neil Chandler
  • Martin Widlake

If possible, he would like some advance questions, so if you have any, please comment with them on the blog or send him an email (link on the blog).

9. Review of Big Data Warehousing at OpenWorld 2017 – Now Available

Keith Laker’s review is now available – PDF version available here. (Also available for Apple and Linux users).

10.  Oh…another language is too hard”

Connor McDonald answers a question from  AskTOM a few days ago asking for an implementation of the XIRR function in PL/SQL.

11.  Announcing the 2018-2019 ODTUG Board of Directors

The new members are:

  • Danny Bryant
  •  Gary Crisci
  • Natalie Delemar
  •  Roel Hartman
  •  Eric Helmer

who join existing members:

  •  Karen Cannell
  •  Tim German
  • Mike Riley
  •  Jake Turrell


This week on Twitter

Connor McDonald tweeted A silent movie on joins

ODTUG posted Oracle Data Viz details 

Philippe Lions shared Oracle DV : What’s new in Oracle DV V4.0 Desktop version ?

Stories from

Videos such as A Look Back at ODTUG #Kscope17 in San Antonio, TX!

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