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1. Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine

This appliance is for testing and educational purposes only; it is unsupported and not to be used in production. Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform. Download it from here.

2. How to Load Oracle Tables From Hadoop Tutorial (Part 4 – OSCH Hello World)

In this post, they walk through Alice in Wonderland’s looking glass and do a “Hello World” example for Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS.

This post was to get a toy example working with a single data file. The next post will focus on how to tune OSCH for large data sets living in HDFS and exploit Oracle Parallel query infrastructure for high performance loads.  They will also discuss the pros and cons of using OSCH versus OLH.

3. How to Load Oracle Tables From Hadoop Tutorial (Part 5 – Leveraging Parallelism in OSCH)

In the previous post, they discussed a “Hello World” example for OSCH focusing on the mechanics of getting a toy end-to-end example working. In this post, they talk about how to make it work for big data loads. The next lesson will talk about Oracle Data Pump files generated by OLH, and loaded using OSCH. It will also outline the pros and cons of using various load methods.  This will be followed up with a final tutorial lesson focusing on how to optimize OLH and OSCH for use on Oracle’s engineered systems: specifically Exadata and the BDA.

4. Sessionization with 12c SQL pattern matching is super fast

Over the past six months, Keith Laker has posted a number of articles about SQL pattern matching:

Most of these have been related to explaining the basic concepts and along with some specific use cases. In this post, he reviews some of the internal performance tests run during the development of this feature. In part 3 of the series of podcasts, he covered a number of use cases for SQL pattern matching such as: stock market analysis, tracking governance-compliance, call service quality and sessionization.

5. Oracle: Big Data for the Enterprise (A White Paper)


  • Defining Big Data
  • The Importance of Big Data
  • Building a Big Data Platform
  • Infrastructure Requirements5
  • Solution Spectrum
  • Oracle’s Big Data Solution
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Database Analytics

Big Data videos

Oracle Health Sciences InFocus: Big Data and Analytics – Dave Watson, VP Product Strategy Oracle Health Sciences, discusses the impact of big data and analytics in healthcare.

Big Data Episode 5 — Little Data

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn.

Paul Anderson shared Tutorial: “Integrating OBIEE with Hyperion Smart View for Office”

Aditya P posted “OBI Apps financials implenetation using PeopleSoft Grants(Budgeting, Costing, Revenue, GL Reporting) as a data source.”

Monica Hasebi posted Oracle Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) Import Scripting – Handling Source File Blank Fields/Intersections

Stewart Bryson shared Automated RPD Builds with OBIEE

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John de Voogd shared Gartner Report: Big Data will Revolutionize Cyber Security in the Next Two Years and How Big Data Analytics Will Affect Your Company Culture

Manish Bhatt posted Big Data is for everyone, not just data geeks

Oracle Analytics tweeted Big Data Gives Us More To Argue About

Yves Mulkers posted Cartoon: Predictive Health Analytics

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