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The last three years have been hard work. Working on a very challenging project, whilst writing the OBIEE 11g book, kept me busy to say the least.
We recently went live with a huge HR Analytics 11g implementation, which went very well and is actively used by hundreds of users on a daily basis, but it did highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the 11g version. Oracle support were kept very busy, and the one thing I learnt was to have an active patching strategy. Although ‘patch’ is a loose term when the patch is 3Gb in size.
Anyway, it’s live and so it’s time to find the next project. So, if you have a project that needs a senior OBIEE expert, please get in touch (adrian.ward@addidici.com). I have high level security clearance and can travel any distance.

And now, this weeks blogs and tweets….

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 17th February

Stories from Kent Graziano, Emerald cube and thatJeffSmith

Videos such as TDE Demo for Oracle Advanced Security (Oracle Database 12c)

rssBlogs of the week

1. Modifying the Caching Parameters for OBIEE 11g

This blog by M & S Consulting says, “The Oracle BI Presentation Services caching could be an issue with high volume and large queries.  A solution may be to limit the amount that can be cached.”

They say that one way of working around this would be to limit the caching parameters in the BI Presentation Services by modifying the instanceconfig.xml file

They then give detailed instructions of how to do this.

2. Invisible Indexes – Oracle 11g New Feature

This blog by DataWarehouse Concepts, says that before 11g, there was no option to make an index visible or invisible. We can check on an indexes visibility by checking the visibility column from the data dictionary view DBA_INDEXES.

The blog then tells us both how to create invisible indexes and also discusses why we need Invisible Indexes.

3. OBIEE Prompts – Last Year, Last Month and Custom Dates

In this post by Boris Dahav, he discusses creating specific type of prompt for periods after reading another blog post (OBIEE 11g – Advanced Prompts for Financial and Other Data such as ‘Last Year’, Last Month’ or ‘Last 6 Month’)  The first part of his blog is about fixed periods (Last Year and Last Month) and in the second part adding Custom Dates option.

4. Tips And Tricks For Installing Oracle Internet Directory

This blog by Gokhan Atil gives us 6 tips on how to do this.  Then he talks us through what to do If the configuration step fails. He says that you can find configuration logs in Oracle Inventory installation logs and posted a link to an OTN video.

5. BI Publisher 11g – Setting the Background colour on charts

Paul Cannon posts this 3 Sixty Analytics blog as he has recently been asked how to set the background of a chart in BI Publisher to a gradient colour when using the Word Template builder.  This blog goes through the whole process, step by step.

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OracleBlogs posted What is Oracle Mobile Suite? and an Introduction to Oracle Mobile Suite


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3sixty-analytics shared BI Publisher 11g – Setting the Background colour on charts

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