More Groups Please

I have had lots of new members sign up to my OBIEE group on linked in, most of which have some relationship with the product.

I am rejecting anyone who is an agency recruiter or just a professional networker.

The next step will be to develop the OBI portal which will provide resources for OBIEE professionals. This is planned for mid March.

If you haven’t joined us please go to

The main reason for networking is so that we can share useful information. It is amazing how many projects I have worked on where I needed staff and they come via an agency and yet i could have employeed people directly, for more money!! Use your network. If you are looking for OBIEE work just get in touch. I wont spread your details around, but I may know of a project that you may be suitable for. Do not leave your current job to go contracting without giving me a call. I can help. You know who you are!!

On the subject of groups, I think I should join the following groups

IOUG (International Oracle User Group)
OAUG (Oracle Applications User Group)
Oracle BI Network

If you have the link please send it on.

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  1. Adrian, don’t forget ODTUG (Oracle Developer Tools User Group.

    ODTUG, unlike the other user groups, is 100% focused on tools and has a big BI presence, including it’s own BI & DW Special Interest Group and lots of BI sessions at the annual user conference, this year in New Orleans.

    Oh yes, I’m co-chair of the BI&DW SIG along with Kent Graziano, but don’t let that put you off…

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