Rate Card

I keep meaning to put the rate card on the Majendi website.

If anyone is interested this is what we charge. (all in GBP)

Senior Consultant – 800 plus expenses
Consultant – 750 (expenses included in home country, add on for Europe)
Junior Consultant- 250 plus expenses

What are the levels?

Senior Consultants have 4 years of Analytics / OBIEE expereince. They have at least 6 projects implementing new or upgrading systems. They can lead the reporting part of any Siebel Implementation and take personal responsibity to ensure the client is happy with the deployment. They will also have other skills, e.g. unix.

Consultants are qualified from Oracle University and have worked alongside the Senior consultants on large projects. They have been working on at least 3 projects and demonstrated a high skill level to the seniors.

Junior consultants are qualified from Oracle University but have only worked ont he internal Majendi project. They are not sent out alone, but always in an assisting role with a senior.

Where are we based?

UK -London
UK -Manchester
UK – Glasgow

Germany – Munich
Switzerland – Geneva

South Africa – All

We need more staff, more freelance consultants, and more partners with related skillsets, e.g. Senior Siebel experts, eBusiness Experts, etc.

What Projects do we work on?

The bigger the better. Leading Pharmaceuticals, National Telecoms providers, Military, National Transport Carriers, Global FMCG, National Postal Companies, Power Generator Providers, Very large Banks, Electronics manufacturers and many smaller companies and government organisations too.
Every single customer of ours will provide a positive reference.

Do we negotiate? Never. There is more work than we can shake a stick at. Maybe we should charge more.

If you are freelancing, make sure you are paid your worth. If not, come to Majendi. We are not an agency. Agencies have an important role in matching people to projects too, and we work with the best of them, e.g. SCOM, Aston Carter. We are specialist consultancy that knows OBIEE, and how companies can implement it.



  1. Could you please elaborate on what is meant by qualified by Oracle University? Are there certifications that have been obtained, classes attended, or both?


  2. They are just re-organising the courses, but up to now, to be qualified you had to attend the courses at Oracle (previously Siebel) and then pass an exam at an independent tester.
    We spend on average £11,000 on the process. This is why I get cross when agents want qualified people to go out at less than 500 per day.

  3. Hi Adrian,

    Your blogs are interesting…especially the non-BI ones.

    Anyways, out of curiosity, what % of the billing rate would a person working for you expect to get?


  4. Rates for employees depend upon their salary. We give a daily project bonus to employees, which reflects the fact we are earning, plus a bonus at the end of the year if there is any profit available.
    Sub contractors get paid the billing rate rate less 50-75 per day depending upon how much risk we take on. We normally pay the sub contractor each month and therefore have to finance the pay until we get paid by the client, whioch can often take a long time.

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