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Its Movember Again.

Check those Balls Guys!

There are a few 12c Blogs coming out, but 11.x.9 is not dead yet.  See below

More on Usage Tracking in the next blog.


Blogs of the week

1. Customizing Charts and Graphs in OBIEE – Quickstart Video

Christian Screen writes:

In a previous blog post, we walk you through the steps for configuring the new OBIEE method for setting the default color palette for charts and graphs. Here is the accompanying video to walk you through this process step-by-step:

2. How to Load On-Premise data to Oracle BICS Schema using Data Sync

Gajendra Krishna from Just Analytics talks us through the process, step by step. 

  • Installing BICS Data Sync
  • Creating Project, Connections, Tasks/Jobs
  • Creating Jobs & Loading On-Premise data to BICS Schema

3. SALE: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Jump Start

In this post, Kent Graziano posts a video on Subviews

4. OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH AKA (?) is available

Boris Dahav says, “OBIEE new general bundle patch (number 11?), is available in Patch 21814325, it can be installed on any previous release.

“5. Session Abstracts Visible for BIWA Summit 2016

Dan Vlamis posted Sessions for the BIWA Summit 


Mia Urman lists her Must See sessions for Oracle Open World.

7. SQLCL – Blob loading ALL the files

Kris Rice says, “I’m slowly building out a helper.js which is now posted and I’ll continue to update it on github here.”

8. Using the Modeler to Compare Two Schemas

Jeff Smith writes this post in response to this question:

“I am working in SQL developer 4.0. I am comparing my acceptance version of a schema to my production version of the same schema. We did some ‘clean-up’ of old tables and views in acceptance. We want to apply the same changes to production, when we go to prod. How do I tell SQL D to produce a ‘drop’ statement when running a diff and doing the compare?”

9. Time to Revitalize Your Data Warehouse

Ian Abramson tells us that it’s time to revitalise the data warehouse!

10. Customer References – Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit

Andrejus Baranovskis writes, “ADF 12.2.1 provides out of the box support for REST. You should read about all available REST functionality in ADF BC here – I have created very quick sample application to test how it works.

11. Oracle BI Bundle Patch OBIEE

This blog says, “The new bundle patch set for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Exalytics OBIEE was released recently.

There is currently no detailed patch description available. The patch is currently only available for Linux64. It’s tagged to be a recommended security patch. We will publish further news in this blog post.”

Read on for more.

12. Histogram Limit

Jonathan Lewis wrote a blog post to answer this question:

“Why does a query for “column = 999999999999999999” run slower than a query for “column > 999999999999999998” (that’s 18 digit numbers, if you don’t want to count them). With the equality predicate the query is very slow, with the range-based predicate perfomance is good.”

13. Announcing Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12.2.1 – Focus on Big Data and Lifecycle Management Innovations

Sandrine Riley talks about the highlights of Oracle Data Integrator 12.2.1. Including:

  • Big Data
  • Lifecycle Management
  • ODI Exchange
  • Better Oracle Connectivity
  • More Data Integration Pillar Integration – Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ)

14. Oracle Data Integrator 12c New Features Overview

A link to the PDF detailing the new features.

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