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This week in the OBIEE Enterprise group on google (Join Up!) someone asked the question, How can we document the Joins in the RPD?

Garish replied…

  • Goto Tools->Query Repository
  • Set Type to “Physical Foreign Key”
  • Click on “Columns” button to add interesting details like the Join Expression
  • Click “Query”
  • Click “Save” to save as CSV

 Nice one.

The jobs to do on the Usage Tracking project are stacking up.  It’s only when you stop and think that you realise there are so many tables to create in a dimensional modelling scenario.  The main task I will next be working on is how to take the WebCat and construct it in database tables.

There must be a tool for that, already written out there??

Blogs of the week

  1. Essbase 12c for BI: A glimpse into the future of Essbase for EPM

John Goodwin says, “It is worth stressing that this Essbase for BI and not EPM, they are currently different code lines and by the time EPM 12c is released which could be 2017, Essbase 12c may have gone through many more changes.

Though what this release for BI does provide is a glimpse into a couple of big changes to the architecture behind Essbase, the two standout ones are:

  • The Essbase C agent is now replaced by a java agent.
  • The Essbase security file is no more and finally moves into the RDBMS.

2. OBIEE12c installation on windows7 machine

Srinivas Malyala blogs, “Much awaited OBIEE 12c is now available for general purpose use. Here in this post I will try to explain installation on windows 7 step by step.”

3. Enabling R and the relevant Analytics functions on OBIEE 12c

Boris Dahav writes, “One of the great new features of OBIEE 12c is the ability to have advanced analytic functions based on R. “R is a widely used environment for statistical computing and graphics and can be used with many different datasources including external files or databases.” This post will only deal with enabling this functionality on the server.”

Jeremy Harms blogs, “With the recent and much-anticipated release of OBIEE 12c, some of the main overall areas that you hear about regarding improvements to this platform typically revolve around some combination of:

  • Visual Analyzer
  • Data Mashups
  • Much Improved Look-and-Feel, Architecture and Administration

For those familiar with the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS), it’s no secret that most of these new features and capabilities were already available via Oracle’s BI service in the cloud. It also means moving forward, Oracle’s cloud-first approach will ensure that BICS sees new future advances and advantages first, before the on-premise OBIEE versions. But let’s pause for a moment to consider why this has the possibility to make OBIEE for the on-prem world better than ever moving forward.”

5. SQL Monitoring in Oracle Database 12c

Tanel Poder’s latest presentation

[slideshare id=54538651&doc=tanelpodersqlmonitoringinoracle12c-151029184701-lva1-app6891]

6. Slide from my OOW15 Presentations

Brendan Tierney’s presentations

More Than Another 12 on Oracle Database 12c [UGF3190]

and Real Business Value from Big Data and Advanced Analytics [UGF4519]


Bobby Curtis writes, “The Oracle GoldenGate Studio is built on the same framework that the Oracle Data Integrator is built on. With this framework, a repository database has to be created to retain all of the architectures and mappings. To do this, you use the Repository Creation Utility (RCU). Unlike ODI, the GoldenGate Studio repository can only be created in Oracle database. The RCU can be used to create the repository in any version of the Oracle Database (EE, SE, or XE).” Read the full blog for more.

8. Oracle JET – Rendering Table from ADF BC REST Service

Andrejus Baranovskis shares this video:

9. OBIEE 11g Performance Challenge “Ultimate Tuning Guide”

Debashis Paul says, “The idea to create this new thread about OBIEE 11g Performance Tuning as it is a real challenge and very few people even the experts have limitation to cater all tuning aspects. This is only because a monster seating in front wheel which is driver of all stuff called “Weblogic” and magnitude of knowledge with evolve of Weblogic 11g has certain  limitations.”

10. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1.2

Heli says, “The best news on Friday Oct 23rd was that version 4.1.2 of Data Modeler came out! We were really waiting for this release because of some bugs on 4.1.1 that made our lives quite difficult. Thank you development team for fixing everything so quickly and releasing 4.1.2 so fast!”

Download it here


This blog says, “There is no direct way of accessing the RPD once OBIEE12C is installed.No Administration tool is available by default. We have to download and install client tool, and using this client tool we can able to work on RPD, catalog manager, job manager.”

Jonathan Lewis answers a query that arrived in his email box a few days ago. A query where the result depends on the SQL*Plus arraysize!

This week on Twitter

Steven Feuerstein tweeted his congratulations to the new ODTUG board members

Jérôme Françoisse shared slides from one of his #OOW15 sessions

[slideshare id=54359899&doc=ugf5827-nobigdatahacking-151025193911-lva1-app6891]

ORCL DataIntegration asked, ‘What’s New in ODI 12C 12.2.1

This week on LinkedIn

 Yasmin Morrison shared Oracle Data Integrator | 3 Ways to Improve Productivity in ODI Studio

and Best Practices: Implementing Oracle DRM on a Budget

Michel Miotto Barbosa posted OBIEE 12C is available


Stories shared from Oracle Database

Videos such as:

and 4 Reasons to Migrate from Oracle BI to Birst (infographic)