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OBIEE News is out! Edition of 18th November

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1. Presto: Interacting with petabytes of data at Facebook

In this post, Martin Traverso discusses Background, Architecture, RoadMap, OpenSource and Current Status in Presto: Interacting with petabytes of data at Facebook (A note by Facebook Engineering).

2. In-memory Computing Architecture with Hadoop

In this 2 part post, they first list down 15 IMC companies and their Hadoop connection tactics.

In the second part of the post, they look at another set of 15 IMC offering companies.

3. Creating a Multi-Node Hadoop/Impala Cluster as a Datasource for OBIEE

In this blog post by Mark Rittman, he states to set up our own Hadoop cluster, there are a few options:

1. Get hold of a bunch of physical servers (maybe, old PCs or blade servers), install Linux and Hadoop on them, and then do the configuration and setup manually.
2. Buy a preconfigured solution – Oracle’s Big Data Appliance, for example, which has all the software pre-installed along with connectivity to ODI, Oracle Database etc
3. Spin-up a bunch of servers in the Cloud, or
4. Spin-up a bunch of Linux VMs, for example using VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion/Workstation

He explores this further in the post which can be read here.

4. Why ODI, DW and OBIEE Developers Should Be Interested in Hadoop

In another post by Mark Rittman, he claims the reason we should be interested in Hadoop is because “Hadoop is the classic disruptive technology – cheap, and starting-off with far less functionality than regular, relational databases – but it’s improving fast, and as BI&DW developers it offers the potential of both massive benefits – significantly lower TCO for basic DW work, and support for lots of modern, internet-scale use-cases – and threats – in that if we don’t understand it and see how it can benefit our customers and end-users, we risk being left-behind as technology moves on.”

Read the thought-provoking article here.

5. Apache Hive & Hive Query Language

This post from DataWarehouse Concepts explores Apache Hive and Hive QL

6. Install and Configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) with OBIEE 11g

In this blog, Tarik Bouaziz discusses circumstances that require installing OHS with OBIEE such as:

1- OBIEE Performance Tuning

2- When deploying OBIEE 11g content outside an organization (firewall): this requires placing Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) into the DMZ side firewall (opening port 7777 for non SSL, port 4443 for SSL) and then redirecting calls to OBIEE installed inside the firewall/LAN using a secured port such as 9704

3- OBIEE URL Rewriting (configuring OBIEE 11g to use port 80): A detailed document will be posted in the near future on this topic.

This blog highlights the steps to install and configure OHS with OBIEE11g.

7. How to secure an Enterprise OBIEE 11g environment: the Oracle HTTP Server

This blog post discusses security issues surrounding the new player – Mobile BI – and how to address this, the conclusion being, “Mobile BI will significantly expand the population of BI users and the decision makers from your company will want to use mobile devices to access corporate BI data from any place. Now you need to ensure that the current BI environment supports these demands without forgetting terms such as performance and security, an Oracle HTTP Server Web Tier installed within the DMZ firewall will help you to achieve the best results.”

8. A Deep Dive Into OBIEE 11g Security

This pdf document by Ramke Ramakrishnan covers:

1. Introduction

2. OBIEE Security Controls

3. Authentication

4. Authorization

5. Content Security

6. User GUIDs

7. Multiple Authentication Providers

8. Row Level Security

9. Security Store Migration

10. Single Sign-On

9. OBIEE 11g Upgrade – Lessons Learned – Expect the Unexpected

This pdf document by Robert Rolek details lessons learnt in:

  • Project Management
  • Security
  • Code Conversion
  • Bugs
  • Mobile Support
  • Non OBIEE Technical Issues

10. How to find Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) ip Address on Exalytics

Sunil S Ranka says, “Recently while upgrading the Exalytics box from PS1 to PS3 for OBIEE patch-set, one of the requirements was to upgrade firmware and to complete the firmware we needed ILOM address. During the upgrade, the team found out the default ILOM IP was not working and there was a change in the ILOM ip address. To confirm the ip address, we used below command, thanks to Oracle Support to prompt reply . Thought would be a good piece of information as most of the existing Exalytics customers are going through the upgrade.”

11. Customizing Heap Size in a Weblogic domain

This blog explores two scenarios when we require to modify the heap size according to our applications’s needs eg java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Read this helpful post here.

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Aravind Sai Ram posted,  “Hello Friends, I am looking for a solution to perform Load Test on OBIEE Dashboards / Reports (Version 10) using any script or free load test tools / applications .
Scenario is :
> Login to OBIEE
> Apply load by ramping up the users on a specific dashboard / report
> Record the performance counters such as ‘Time taken for a report to retrieve the results’
and counters like Memory utilization, Load capability of BI Server
Can someone please help me in achieving this ?

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