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indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out.  Edition of 25th November

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1. Direct Links to various OBIEE User and Administration Presentation functions

This post by Praveen Reddy lists some direct links to various OBIEE User and Administration functions.  These can be useful to know for efficiency and at times can also be useful for debugging security.

2. How to conditionally set Interaction (Action Links) on a column in OBIEE 11g

This post by Norm Bowen shows an example of how to conditionally set Interaction (Action Links) on a column.

3. OBI 11g Installation Questions

This post by Everything Oracle covers questions such as;

– Will OBIEE 11g work on Windows XP?

– Can I run OBI 11g with IE 6?

–  I’ve installed a loopback adaptor and modified the hosts file according to the installation instructions but I can’t login to Answers?

– I am trying to install OBI 11g and I can’t get beyond the Admin screen?

Read the whole set of Installation questions here.

4. Big Data Appliance X4-2 Release Announcement

This post by Jean-Pierre Dijcks covers Software Focus, Hardware Update and Software Details about the 3rd generation Big Data Appliance.

The focus for this release is:

  • Comprehensive and Open – Big Data Appliance now includes all Cloudera Software, including Back-up and Disaster Recovery (BDR), Search, Impala, Navigator as well as the previously included components (like CDH, HBase and Cloudera Manager) and Oracle NoSQL Database (CE or EE).
  • Lower TCO then DIY Hadoop Systems
  • Simplified Operations while providing an open platform for the organization
  • Comprehensive security including the new Audit Vault and Database Firewall software, Apache Sentry and Kerberos configured out-of-the-box

5. Setting Up and Running Summary Advisor on an Exalytics Machine (Oracle-by-Example)

This post says “If you are running Oracle BI on an Exalytics machine, you can use Summary Advisor to identify the aggregates that will increase query performance.” The post links to the Oracle Learning Library where a tutorial will explain further.

6. OBIEE 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial

This blog by Wilson Intelligent Solutions reviews Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial. They say, “569 pages of real world, practical examples across the OBI product suite. They include loads of real world scenarios, tips and tricks to encourage best practices in the enterprise.”

7. Performance Testing/Tuning OBIEE

In this post, Paul McGarrick shares some of the interesting reads he has come across.  This includes a post from Jeff McQuigg, a presentation from Peak Indicators and an Oracle White Paper.on My Oracle Support

8. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio – The Metrics Bar Component

In this article, Andrew Fagence explains how to create and configure a Metrics bar within the Oracle Endeca Studio application, the software he is using in this walkthrough consists of:

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.4.0 (Installed on his local machine running Windows 7 64-bit, typical install with standard configuration and ‘Quick Start’ package installed).
  • Mozilla Firefox (The official supported browsers are Internet Explorer 7/8 and Firefox 3.5+. Google Chrome and Opera Safari are not supported but you will probably find they work fine).

View the post here.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Ujjal Das shared a Free White Paper: Private Clouds for Oracle Databases

Kashinathan K posted a link to Zookeeper (Apache Hadoop project) from the Datawarehouse concepts blog

Monica Hasebi shared a link to Webinar Recording on Streaming Analytics

Stephen Bowden posted Data Visualization Webinar Recording

Join in the Oracle Business Intelligence discussions here.

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Fusion Applications tweeted a link to Achieving Procurement Excellence through Oracle Fusion




Oracle Blogs posted New ADF Mobile Application User Interface Design Guidelines

Chris C Muir shared ADF Debugging Aid: The ADF Request Analyzer

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