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1. Partnering with Peak Indicators

Kevin and Stewart announce a planned partnership with Peak Indicators in delivering the following courses in North and South America:

  • OBIEE 11g Advanced Bootcamp
  • ODI 11g Advanced Bootcamp
  • OBIEE 11g Advanced Modelling
  • OBIEE Advanced REports and Dashboards
  • OBIEE 11g Advanced SOA Spatial
  • Oracle BI Publisher Basics

2. Privilege to see hidden objects in OBIEE 11g

Vishal Pathak suggested we:

1. Create a power user group 
2. Create a new role
3. Assign the group to the role
4. Assign the desired users to the group
5. Assign the privilege to the role

Read on for more details.

3. So you want to be a Presenter? Abstract selections for 2015 are open!

Kent Graziano says all you have to do is write some awe inspiring abstract with a catchy, SEO’d title and you are on your way to geek super-stardom. Read all about it here.

4. Reporting in SaaS or On Premises Fusion Applications – OTBI, Smart View, OBIA,BI Publisher & Other

Pravin says, “There are number of options for reporting in Fusion Applications. The most commonly used reporting technique in the implementation project is to leverage on BI Publisher. There are various tools and techniques supported by Fusion Application to generate reports for analytical and transactional reporting.”

5. Oracle BI 11g: Verifying Logical Table Sources in Analyses

Alex Hansal says, “Inspired by a nice instance of the Oracle BI 11g Build Repositories class I delivered last week as an LVC, I decided to share a little trick with you.” Read his blog to discover what it is…

6. OBIEE Change Analysis Subject Area

Gerd says, “Assume you created a more or less complex OBIEE analysis with a lot of views and settings. If you want to reuse the analysis and report settings in a new report, then there exists a very fast solution for changing the OBIEE subject area which keeps all the settings.”

7. Enhanced Planning Validations: Part 2

Cameron Lackpour writes, “At the end of July Tyler Feddersen very generously wrote part one of this two part series on data validation in Planning; you now are reading the concluding entry.”

8. An Essbase OBIEE integration walk through with tips and tricks – Finale

This is a continuation from this post.

9. OBIEE and Essbase a few observations

Glenn writes, “This post on OBIEE and Essbase is based on my creation of my KScope 14 presentation and quirks I noticed Note I was using Essbase 1112.3.5 and the latest patched version of OBIEE (I don’t remember the X). I was using a VM instance of the Sample Oracle supplies and was using Essbase Studio with it to create the cube. I then brought the cube back into OBIEE and also into Publisher to create a Mobile dashboard.”

10. My Oracle Data Miner Book

Brendan Tierney says, “Some of you may be aware that I have been writing a book on Oracle Data Miner. Actually the book covers the Oracle Data Miner GUI that is part of SQL Developer, the SQL and PL/SQL functions, procedures and packages that form the Oracle Data Mining option in the database and lots of other topics for the DBA, Developer and BI/DW people.”

11. A Kscope14 Review: Better Late Than Never!? (Ok, that’s debatable…)

Jeremy Harms shares his thoughts on KScope14

12. Enabling Usage Tracking for BI Publisher in OBIEE 11g

This article describes the steps for Enabling Usage Tracking for BI Publisher and how to visualize usage tracking data.

It covers:

  1. How to enable auditing from BI Publisher UI
  2. How to run RCU to create Audit Schemas
  3. How to create JDBC connection with Weblogic console
  4. How configure the Audit Policy Settings
  5. How register the Audit Storage Database to Your Domain
  6. How audit events in an Audit Table

13. BITeamwork 2.8.4 GA – Collaborative BI Focused

This version of the Collaborative BI Framework provides enhanced functionality and bug fixes.

BITeamwork 2.8.4 Features

  • Better Notifications with images and notifications
  • Better Scalability when expanded content exists in Comments
  • Comment Context Single Prompt Focus Sensitivity
  • Splash Page Administration Updates Refresh User’s Prompting Regardless of Hide
  • Print Comments functionality
  • Training Inside of Oracle BI

14. Timesten In-Memory Database – 1. Basics

Raja Malakar writes, “Oracle Timesten is an in-memory database that is either available as a standalone database system or comes bundled with Oracle Exalytics systems. The objective of Timesten is to hold the database in the server’s Main Memory so that data retrieval and processing are extremely fast, when compared to conventional disk-optimized database systems. We have recently implemented a migration of OBIEE reports from Oracle Rdbms to Timesten on Exalytics and have observed an average of 17 times faster data retrieval times, as compared to Oracle 11g database and that too across 92 reports!”

15. #OTNLATour has just started

Gurcan Orhan shares his session lists for each leg of the tour and the video that Bob Rhubart  posted on OTNArchBeat YouTube channel.

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Daan Bakboord  shared Twitter Tuesday – Top 10 @ArchBeat Tweets – August 5-11, 2014 Top Tweets included KScope 2014 Preview: Stewart Bryson on OBIEE, ODI

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Gerd Aiglstorfer shared OBIEE Performance Monitoring with Usage Tracking

 asked  if anyone could help?

I have tried following below link in order to setup auditing through database.

Answer him here.

Ian Bristow posted OBIEE Error Correction Support has Ended – What to do to keep receiving bug fixes and enhancements

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