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1. OBIEE 11g: Unable to Add condition to run Agent during the Agent Creation or Insufficient Privileges.Access Condition Evaluation Service Service

Venkata Nagarjuna says that the scenario is as follows: 
“I would like to create a new agent. The Agent has to run as per another report. I would like to pass the other report as a condition for this Agent.”

2. Oracle SQL Developer: Code on Demand

Jeff Smith writes that he has recently spent a few hours debugging some user defined reports.

He said if the code that he detailed did not work then upgrade! He found that a few of his wouldn’t work, and he found a bug. It’s been fixed in v4. Another reason to go upgrade, like…today.

3. SAML – A go-to tool for Enterprise – Cloud Applications Security

Shiva writes, “SAML is the XML-based Security Assertion Markup Language being standardized at OASIS. It enables Single Sign-On and other security scenarios, and provide details about the authentication, attribute, and authorization information between security domains.

He then blogs about :

  • Terminology
  • How does SAML work?
  • Why is SAML Used? And how it is related to Cloud?
  • What are the benefits of SAML?
  • SAML usecase

4. OpenWorld on your iPad and iPhone

Keith Laker writes about how for this year’s conference, he has made all the information available in an HTML app that runs on most smartphones and tablets.

The app will include:

  • Getting to know 12c – a series of video interviews with George Lumpkin, Vice President of Data Warehouse Product Management
  • Your presenters – full biographies and links to social media sites for all the key data warehouse presenters
  • Must see sessions – list of all the most important data warehouse presentations at this year’s conference
  • Our customers – profiles our most important data warehouse customers
  • Must attend labs – list of all the most important data warehouse hands-on labs at this year’s conference
  • Links – a list of links to the most important data warehouse sites

5. Calculation Manager, BSO Planning, and ASO Planning combine for an awesome ASO Essbase procedural calculation hack — Part 3

Cameron Lackpour says, “This is the third and final installment of a three part series on ASO calculations, and specifically, ASO Planning calculations.  Thus far I’ve showed how to use the @CalcMgrExecuteEncryptMaxLFile via Calculation Manager which is pretty cool, and then how to make ASO procedural calculations in MaxL fast, fast, fast.”

6. Migrate Your SQL Developer User Defined Reports

Danny Byrant says, “I’m in the process of upgrading my work computer and in an effort to make sure it is configured the way I want it, I decided to forego the automated “side-by-side” migration.  Everything was going well until I got around to SQL Developer.  The install as we know is easy enough, and I even went so far as to download and configure the Oracle Instant Client (OCI).  You can read more about that on Jeff’s Blog post.”

7. Importing Data from SQL databases into Hadoop with Sqoop and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Benjamin Perez-Goytia says, “This article illustrates how to import data from relational databases into Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) with Sqoop and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).  This article features two ODI knowledge modules designed to work with Sqoop: IKM SQL to HDFS File (Sqoop) and IKM SQL to HDFS Hive (Sqoop).”

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Daisy Ding shared Grouping and Summarizing Data from Big Text Files in R Language, esProc and Python

Monica Hasebi asks Are you going to Oracle Openworld this year? 

Gerd Aiglstorfer shared New version of Oracle BI Mobile App

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This week’s OBIEE news included stories from siebel-essentials.comthatjeffsmith.com and mandsconsulting.com.

Also videos such as Oracle Storage Cloud Service Overview

and Oracle Application Testing Suite 12: Oracle Flow Builder Demo: Create Project Management Flow