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OBIEE News is out! Edition of 2nd June

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1. Planning and Smart View

John Goodwin says that he was going to write this blog when PSU was released but totally forgot. However, recently he has heard about this issue a couple of times so thought he might as well post it in case it happens to anybody else.

He concludes his post, “So the simple solution is if patching planning to then make sure you are on Smart View which should be easy to implement if you have a small user community though more of a challenge if you have a large user base which deploys Smart View by package management.”

2. BI Apps Manager freezing

Paul Cannon says, “After installing BI Apps I had an issue with the Application Configuration Manager application freezing. I was able to setup Load Plans, start generations and executions, but often when refreshing the page to see the current status the browser would just hang and eventually time out.”

He then gives us the code to fix this problem.

3. The Efficient Analyst (part one): Stop moving your data around!

Jeff Quigley goes through five ways to reduce data movement and put the focus back on sharing:

1. Stop emailing (IMing, Skyping) files back and forth

2. Eliminate “staging” files or sheets

3. Be careful with “movement automation”.

4. Create a sharing environment.

5. Google it

He says that the suggestions in this post are most effective when moving data between individuals using the same application.  He asks for readers to post suggestion to solve data sharing across applications.

4. Main Features of Teradata Database

Kashinathan goes through the features of Teradata , saying it is easy to administer, acts as a single data store and users include Walmart and AT&T.

5. About merging 2rpd in OBIEE – the only article that matters.

Bojie says that the confusing part is, how to determine original master rpd, Modified rpd, Current Rpd. He then goes through what he does to remember. He tells us to note that the merging of rpds can take a while. If one of the RPD is 20MB, the whole merging process can take up to 3 hours!

6. The sessions I want to attend at Kscope14

Cameron Lackpour is splitting this blog post into three as there is just so much to write!

  • This week – individual sessions
  • Next week – Thursday Deep Dives
  • Week of 15 June – Sunday Symposiums

Read this blog to find out which individual sessions he is hoping to attend.

7. Easy to develop and debug

Raqsoft BI OLAP says, “The step-by-step computing of esProc makes it easier to monitor the intermediate result, and debug the code. The development efficiency of esProc is therefore enhanced greatly.”

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Michael Rainey  posted GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator – A Perfect Match in 12c… Part 2: Journalizing Knowledge Module

Daisy Ding shared Relational Queries by Reference: Generic Data, Sequence, and Table Sequence

Daniel Fore posted Discoverer Conversion

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Cezar Baisanu posted Business Intelligence: How does Tableau stackup against OBIEE?

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