Sir Ben Ainslie Challenges Oracle

America’s Cup: Sir Ben Ainslie announces British bid

Olympic Gold medalist Sir Ben Ainslie was joined by the Duchess of Cambridge as he launched Britain’s bid to win the 35th America’s Cup. Sir Ben says, “We can bring America’s Cup back to Great Britain!



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1. It’s The End Of The Blog As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Kevin McGinley writes his last blog post on Oracle Analytics, due to him starting a new company with Stewart Bryson (Red Pill Analytics).  Well done and Congratulations! Any future blog posts from Kevin will be posted here.

2. Introducing Red Pill Analytics

Kevin McGinley and Stewart Bryson announce the launch of Red Pill Analytics, a new analytics services company focused on Oracle business intelligence and data integration solutions. Take a read here for more information.

Stewart says, “We think we have a compelling story to tell… a story about real innovation and services that deliver value above all else. This story needed a metaphor… one that embodies the choice we all have when confronted with brand new approaches in the marketplace. In the end, we couldn’t find a better metaphor than the Red Pill from The Matrix.”

3. OUGF Harmony 2014, #OUGF14

Kent says, “Several highlights for me were meeting and speaking with one of the pioneers of relational theory, CJ Date, and getting to see my good friend Dan Linstedt in action talking about Big Data and Data Vault 2.0.”

He then links to HelifromFinland’s post.

4. Deep Dive Thursday at Kscope14

Cameron Lackpour continues with the highlights of KScope – looking forward to what is to come on the ‘Deep Dive Thursday’. There are NINE different Deep Dives happening at the same time.

1.Application Express

2. ADF and fusion Development

3. Developer’s Toolkit and the Database

4. Business Intelligence

5. Essbase

6. Planning

7. Financial Close

8. EPM Foundations

9. Reporting

He ends this blog by saying, “As always, Kscope suffers from too much good content all at the same time.  What a conference, what a problem to have. Thursday’s Deep Dives continue that tradition and I know you will all be there for what promises to be a very interesting and innovative series of events.  If I wasn’t moderating, I would be flitting from room to room, trying to get all of the geeky wisdom I could into my brain.  You might just be able to do that.”

5. OBIEE Mobile App Designer Release 2

Gerd informs us that Release 2 of OBIEE Mobile App Designer with synonym is now available for download.

He says the new features for the new release are:

  • User interface is redesigned
  • New map component
  • New page type “Exploration Page”
  • Creating of global filters
  • Adding calculated fields
  • Filter component renamed “List”
  • Defaults and multiselect is now supported
  • Adding custom components to your apps

Read more here.

6. Solving OBIEE Issues

Gerd refers back to a previous post, OBIEE Client Success and Typical Issues and says, “There are just ten working days left until planned application launch – that’s a challenge that we accept with pleasure! We recommended the following steps:

  • Create a logical OBIEE model using the current data warehouse objects.
  • Only substitute data warehouse tables if absolutely necessary.
  • Identify and define an optimized target model balancing OBIEE and data warehouse.
  • Implement interim solutions if necessary to succeed on upcoming milestone.
  • Plan, design and implement a state of the art OBIEE solution after first rollout.”

7. OUG Finland (Harmony) 2014

Brendan blogs about the local Tar ice-cream, the conference, camping and meeting Chris Date.

He concludes, “This was a great conference that had attendees (not just speakers) from a number of countries across Europe. I enjoyed the conference and getting to meet some old and new friends. Hopefully next year I will be able to fit OUG Finland into my calendar and so should you.”

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