Super Busy in OBIEE World

Business Intelligence as we know it may be changing, and that very good news, because it means much more work.
Upgrades, installing new tech, new Fusion, New OTBI, new hardware, new ETL, new Bigger Data – All very good news for the eager to learn OBIEE consultant.

Keep Moving. Keep learning. Keep reading these blogs….

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 24th February

Stories from M & S consulting, Rittman Mead and 3sixty Analytics

Videos such as Real Time BI with Kevin & Stewart: Ep 017

blogBlogs of the week

1. Data Guard

This post says, ” Learn how Active Data Guard will make your investment in a standby environment worthwhile via real time queries while applying the archived logs, converting the physical standby database to snapshot standby, and a host of new improvements in infrastructure.”

It focuses on:

  • Easier Creation of Standby Database
  • Active Data Guard
  • Snapshot Standby
  • Conversion from Physical to Logical Standby
  • Rolling Upgrade

and other Improvements.

2. Oracle Database 11g: The Top Features for DBAs and Developers

Arup Nanda says, “In this multipart series, learn how important new features such as Database Replay, Flashback Data Archive, Edition-based Redefinition, and SecureFiles work via simple, actionable how-to’s and sample code.”

The series focuses on:

and so much more.

3. OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

In Part 1 of a 4 part series, Steve Yeung focuses on Installation. The post covers:

  • What does FusionCharts provide?
  • Installation
  • Test if it works

Continue to Part 2 here.

4. Collaborative BI ZigZag – BIWisdom Response

Christian Screen explores Collaborative BI, which he defines as ‘the means to communicate persisting knowledge and provide feedback within Business Intelligence systems in order to collectively make better business decisions.’

He apologises for the length of the post, as he didn’t have time to make it shorter! Well worth taking the time to read.

5. DateTime field conversion to a Date field in OBIEE

Arun Kumar says. “If you have a field in physical table which is of type DateTime, but you want to display it as only date in the report, then you this can be converted.” He then goes on to explore the two ways of doing this.

6. Hat Trick Tuesday – 3 new releases

Kris Rice blogs about the three new releases that took place on Tuesday 25th February.

7. Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Sample Schema – A Tutorial with Screenshots

M & S Consulting advise, “When learning to develop Oracle Fusion applications, one of your first steps, if not already completed, should be to install a database for your applications to connect to.”

They go through Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Schema.

They conclude by writing, “After completing this tutorial, you should now have a fully functional Oracle XE database with the example HR schema unlocked.”

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