What Does Brexit Mean for the UK OBIEE Market

May you always live in Interesting Times

Not sure who said that but I am sure he didnt meant this interesting!

Markets plunging, Jobs at risk, political turmoil.

First, if you are analysing the market reactions, then please use OBIEE

If you want to improve the analyse of Polls, then get OBIEE!

Everyone else – Calm Down, Calm Down

Democracy has won, but life will still go on.  Exports will now go up.

Imports may struggle if in dollars – So, if you are buying Oracle product, lets hope they keep the prices at their current levels, or preferably drop them.

In the meantime, travelling to Oracle Open World just got a lot more expensive.  Maybe they could have it here this year instead, you can get loads of pounds to the dollar 🙂

For those at Kscope16, have a great time, and hopefully I’ll be there next year.

Blogs of the week

  1. BI Teamwork 3.8.6 Released – Certified for Oracle BI 12C

Christian Screen asks,

  • So what about OBIEE 12c for Oracle BI 11g?

and goes through New features in this release

  • ILC Comment API Enhancements
  • Auto Save Comments
  • Hyperion & OBIEE SmartView Connection Management
  • Splash Page Embedded Images

2. Forecast: Partly Cloudy (Part 1)

Phil Goerdt writes: “In this series of blogs, I’ll walk through two cloud based data sources that I recently connected to OBIEE on Windows VMs.”

3. SQLcl and Query Change Notification

Kris Rice writes, “The database has had Query Change Notification for a while but to use it required a custom program. Such as Tim outlines on his blog.

4. Charting Predictions, al a AskTom

Scott Wesley writes his blog, inspired by this tweet:


5. Oracle Process Cloud Service – Web Form Design Approaches

Antonis Antoniou writes, “Oracle Process Cloud Service uses a standards-based technology called “Web Forms” for defining the user interface in business processes. It’s based on standards such as XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and allows business analysts and developers to create an end-user interface by just using the browser. There are three approaches that can be employed when designing web forms.”

  • Form-First
  • Data-First
  • Hybrid

6. How to sort attributes?

Heli asks, “I would like to have my attributes in alphabetical order. Do I need to do it manually or is there a way to do it automatically?”

7. Messed-Up App of the Day: Tables of Numbers

Cary Millsap says, “good design is also a very practical matter for you personally, too. If you want your audience to understand your work, then make your information easier for them to consume—whether you’re writing email, proposals, reports, infographics, slides, or software. It’s part of the pathway to being more persuasive.”

8. Kscope16 sessions I want (and maybe even will) attend

Cameron Lackpour goes through the #Kscope16 sessions that he wishes to attend.

9. My Favourite things 

Pete writes, “Apart from the obligatory “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” I must also add analytic functions to my list, and one function in particular, FIRST_VALUE.”

10. Cluster Details with Oracle Data Mining – Part 2

Brendan Tierney blogs, “This is the second blog post of my series on examining the clusters that are predicted for by an Oracle Data Mining model for your data. In my previous blog post I showed you how to use CLUSTER_ID and CLUSTER_PROBABILITY functions. These are the core of what you will be used when working with clusters and automating the process. In this blog post I will look at what details are used by the clustering model to make the prediction.”

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