OBIEE 12C Install blogs

This Week “Blogs of the Week” are about the installation of OBIEE 12c.

My Favorite is the video one.  Very well done everyone.

I do have some advice though.  Don’t assume the install steps and community comments are always applicable to your environment.  I found that the proposed install location for tnsnames.ora was completely different on my install!

1. OBIEE 12c Linux installation

Andrew of  goes through the following steps of installing 12C on Linux:

Steps to install OBIEE 12c are the following:

  1. Review system certification
  2. Install database for repository (or use existing)
  3. Download software distributives
  4. Install
  5. Configure

2. OBIEE12c installation on windows7 machine

Srinivas Malyala goes through the three stages of:

  1. Pre-installation
  2. Installation Phase
  3. Running Configuration

3. OBIEE – Installing OBIEE 12c on my Windows box

Boris Dahav writes, “I wanted to install the new OBIEE 12.2.1 on my Windows 7 box. Since I want to test the process of migration of OBIEE 11 to 12, I installed it side by side with my existing installation.”

He says the installation is of 4 steps:

  1. JDK installation (if needed)
  2. Weblogic Server installation
  3. BI Installation
  4. Configuration


Paul Cannon says, “This is the second part of a series of blogs showing how to perform a standard single server/instance installation of OBIEE 12c. In the first part I covered the prerequisites of JDK and Fusion Middleware, this can be viewed here.”

Part 3 covers Creating the Repositories

5. OBIEE 12c installation steps

This blog says, “As you probably already know from the blogosphere and twitter, Oracle released OBIEE12c today right before OOW15. This is a quick post to document the software installation in Windows 7 . The software is available on OTN.”

6. OBIEE 12c(OBIEE Installation guide on Linux Platform

Debashis Paul goes through:

Step 1 – Download and Procure the required files

Step 2 – Install JDK

Step 3 – Install below Prerequisite packages

Step 4 – Install Weblogic (Fusion Middleware) Infrastructure

Step 5 – Install OBIEE 12c Software

Step 6 – Configure RCU, Middleware, OBIEE

Step 7 – Testing post Installation / UI

7. Installing OBIEE 12c ( on Windows 7

Steve Yeung begins by saying: “As you may have noticed, OBIEE 12c just came out. I have decided to deinstall completely and install OBIEE on my laptop. Things wasn’t so smooth to begin with as I skipped all the documentation. During my installation, I found out that I will need Oracle DB to begin with, hence I deinstalled my Oracle DB as well.”

He says that in order to follow this tutorial, you will need the following downloaded:

  1. JDK 8 Minimum of 8u51 Download Here
  2. Oracle DB Download Here
  3. WebLogic Server Download Here
  4. OBIEE 12c Download Here
  5. OBIEE Client Tools Download Here

8. OBIEE 12c installation stuck in STORE PORT RANGE

This question is asked on the OTN:

“I am trying to install obiee 12c on oracle database 12c. My installation get stuck while I am running the config.exe file.”

This question is answered here.

And a couple of videos:

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Videos such as:

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